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2012 Feb SARG Launch - Nike Smoke flight.mpg (2012-02-20)
On board video from Madcow Nike Smoke flight on an Aerotech H238. [View]
July 4th Madcow Nike Smoke Rocket on an Aerotech J415 (2020-07-06)
July 4th rockets at the 4 Corners Rocketry Association launch. Madcow Nike Smoke launched on an Aerotech J415 motor to 6425' AGL. Video from several angles including an on-board Mobius camera angled ... [View]
Nike Skyhawk 20180819 (2018-08-22)
First high-power launch at the Old Fort Lewis site. The rocket is a 4" Nike booster from Madcow. The payload bay, upper section and nosecone were scratch built by Fort Lewis Space Grant students. ... [View]