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3rd Flight 720p HD Camera Rocket - Estes E9 Powered (2014-01-18)

This is the third flight of a custom built 720p HD (High Definition) Camera rocket (with sound!). I worked out some of the kinks from the first and second fl...

6th Flight 720p HD Camera Rocket - Aerotech F39 Powered (2011-05-29)

This was the next to last flight of the 720p HD Camera Rocket. The launch after this, I had transported the rocket to Colorado for a launch in the mountains. It turned out that day was unlucky all around... first I had forgotten to bring my microSD adapter, so I was force to borrow a regular SD card for the video camera - this turned out to be a horrible mistake... because when I was putting the motor together, I somehow forgot to install the ejection charge. The rocket launched just fine... but since there was no ejection charge, it came back down almost as fast... it hit the ground at over 250 MPH and left a crater 3 inches deep with parts spread out over 40 feet. Because I had a full sized SD card in there, the force of the impact dislodged the memory chip from the PCB in the SD card and thus the video was unrecoverable. If I had used the microSD card like I normally did, I have no doubt the last seconds of the HD Camera Rocket would have been available for viewing. :( The camera was custom built from off the shelf parts, including foam and wall spackling (seriously!) which was surprisingly robust, given the fact that it was subjected to more than 15 G's on numerous occasions. The weight was a critical aspect and thus weight was cut everywhere possible. The final rocket weighed in at 11.8 oz.

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