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Rocket Camera Launch 4 (2012-09-19)

I modified the nose cone and body of a small Estes model rocket to accept the camera, a Veho Muvi Micro DV. This isn't the greatest camera, but it was cheap and fit the rocket body. I used a B4-4 engine, which is about the max I would want to use in a small school yard like this one. I almost lost this rocket. Fortune being the jerk she is, the rocket landed in the one tree at the far end of the school yard. Luckily, I had my away team of red shirts with me to help rescue the rocket. Thanks to Paloma, Anthony, and especially Michael for climbing the tree. This turned out to be the penultimate flight of the rocket. I wanted to launch again because Anthony and Michael didn't get to see the other flights, but the wind was picking up and I knew a flight was risky, so I decided to launch without the camera. This turned out to be a good decision because the rocket ended up drifting about two blocks away. We found it dangling from power lines. Nobody volunteered to retrieve it this time. Trees and power lines are like magnets for any flying toy.

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