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2008-11-08 Darrell Mobley's Crossbow (2008-11-11)
Darrell Mobley's Giant Leap Crossbow is launched on a sparky motor at the November, 2008, NEFAR rocket launch. Slow-motion. [View]
2008-11-08 NEFAR Mega Cereal Bowl (2008-11-26)
Marc Slabbinck's "Mega Cereal Bowl" is launched several times (and captured from multiple angles and in slow-motion) at the 2008 NEFAR "Bunnell Blast" launch. [View]'s Rockets Gone Wild (2014-09-07)
A collection of video of things going a bit wrong at local rocket launches in Central Florida. Includes footage from NEFAR, ROCK, and TTRA launches. Thanks to our safety codes, no one was hurt ... [View]
Awsome High power rocket launch at NEFAR #2 very cool (2007-10-22)
This is another video of my sky serpant taken from a different angle. It flew on a J365 smokey motor. It reached a maximum altitude of about 200'. Check out High power rocket launch at NEFAR #1 for ... [View]
Sugar Motor Drag Race (CATO) (2008-03-03)
Jimmy Yawn and Marc Slabbinck drag race two sugar-motor rockets at the NEFAR launch on February 9, 2008. [View]
2015-09-12 NEFAR (2015-09-13)
Video of the September 12, 2015, rocket launch hosted by NEFAR in Bunnell, Florida. [View]
2017-11-12 NEFAR Launch - Bracha's Mosquito (2017-11-14)
Bracha's Upscale Mosquito is launched on an Aerotech J250 DMS motor at NEFAR's annual Bunnell Blast. The flight used a Jolly Logic Chute Release. [View]
High power rocket launch at NEFAR #1 (2007-10-22)
This is my sky serpant on a J365 smokey motor. It flew about 2000' with drouge at opagee. The main never deployed because I only used one sheer pin. The result was the cone getting snagged in the ... [View]
Tucher3 (2006-04-15)
In Memory. EDIT: Tucher3 was recovered 4/18/06 fully intact. Flight data recorded 8900 feet max altitude. [View]
2014-06-14 NEFAR Launch (2014-06-16)
Aerial footage of the June, 2014, NEFAR rocket launch in Bunnell, Florida. [View]
2018-10-13 NEFAR Launch - Steve Pollak's Mars Lander (2018-10-22)
Steve Pollak's upscale Mars Lander flies at the NEFAR launch in October of 2018. [View]
EZ I 65 K270 Jason Cook HD (2018-03-09)
EZ-I 65 AT K270 Jason Cook 2018-02-10 Video by Jimmy Yawn From the official NEFAR website [View]
LOC Doorknob Rocket (2012-12-09)
My LOC Doorknob, on its first and second flights. Vinyl by Mark at First flight used an Aerotech J420 Redline motor in a 38/720 casing, second flight used a CTI J453 White in a ... [View]
Maxi Orbital Transport K454 Steve Pollak HD (2017-08-11)
Maxi Orbital Transport K454 Skidmark Steve Pollak 2017-07-08 Video by Jimmy Yawn From the official NEFAR website. [View]
NFCC Launch - Nov. 20, 2010 (2011-08-20)
Max altitude: 2,535 ft Location: NEFAR October Launch in Bunnell, FL This was the third flight of my thesis rocket. The on board cameras did their jobs, but the rocket did not break open when the ... [View]
Orbital Transport Midway B6 2 Mark Laiuppa HD (2018-03-09)
Orbital Transport "Midway" B6-2 Mark Laiuppa 2018-02-10 Video by Jimmy Yawn From the official NEFAR website [View]
Roger and Bracha's Bigger Big Daddy Akavish (2013-11-20)
Introducing the Bigger Big Daddy Akavish, the latest in a series of furry flying rockets by Roger and Bracha Smith. The new Big Daddy Akavish is over six feet tall and soars skyward powered by ... [View]