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Joel's K2000 Skidmark (2008-11-21)
The sound at NERRF was interupted by the crackling of Joel Roger's K-2000 Skidmark motor [View]
NERRF2 Level cert (2006-11-05)
Here Greg successfully launches his level 3 rocket and can now spend a fortune for big motors. Well done lad! [View]
NERRF2 Tim's L Sparkie (2006-06-30)
Tim sent off a wonderful sparky motor engineered by Dennis at the second annual NERRF launch. The secret ingredient? Very oily Ti. It got tail happy, needs nose weight Tim. [View]
NERRF Rocket Festival Music Video (2006-04-18)
A music video of CalmInSight and the Independent North East Regional Rocket Festival. Including several clips of the world's biggest monocopter. Just turn up the volume. [View]
NERRF2 10,000ns rocket launch (2006-06-30)
The first launch of NERRF2 in New York was a 10,000 ns white motor by Dennis. It went without a hitch. Great flight! [View]