Nose Cones, Constructing (Tutorial)

If you can't find a nose cone to fit your latest rocket design, you may need to construct one yourself.

The online resources listed below will help you create a rocket nosecone from scratch.

External Links

Rocketry Links / Nose Cones
Design a Rocket Nose Cone (with Software)
An article describing basic nose cone shapes and how to model them using Matlab.
How to Make Hollow Nose Cone from Sheet Balsa
This Apogee newsletter includes an article on how to create a hollow nose cone from balsa sheets.
How to Make a Nose Cone
Jeff Boldig describes how to make a nose cone out of fiberglass over a turned foam core.
How to Make Custom Foam Nose Cones
The Apogee newsletter includes an article on how to make your own custom foam nose cones.
How to Make Paper 'Ogive' Nose Cones & Tail Cones (Part 1)
David Stribling describes how to make paper nose cones that approximate an ogive shape.
How to Make Paper 'Ogive' Nose Cones & Tail Cones (Part 2)
Part two of the article on how to construct paper ogive nose cones is in this issue.
Making Ultra-Light Fiberglass Nose Cones
This issue of Apogee's Peak of Flight newsletter includes an article on creating light-weight fiberglass nose cones.
Molding a Nosecone Using a Pressure Bladder
A discussion of using a pressure bladder inside a mold to create a rocket nose cone.
Using Balsa Formers and Stringers to Make a Nose Cone
George Gassaway describes how to make a nose cone from balsa stringers, formers, and wood planks - a technique often used for model airplanes.

Blog Posts

Nose Cones

    Rocket Dungeon: Nosecones can be such a drag (2013-08-28)
    Tim VanMilligan continues his series on using a wind tunnel (12" open circuit, Eiffel type) at the Air Force Academy: Newsletter #346 . His article explains the whole experiment and has lots of ... [Read More]

    Rocketeer's Corner: The crafter of nose cones... (2017-05-31)
    I am what is termed a "builder" - I take parts and assemble them into a complete rocket. However, I do not make the nose cones, transitions, and other parts - that is the role of vendors and ... [Read More]

    Rocket N00b: Built from Scratch - A Tale of Two Berthas - Part 3 (Nose Cone) (2019-03-20)
    Click here for Part 1 of this series . Click here for the most recent post in this series . The Handbook of Model Rocketry by G. Harry Stine and Bill Stine briefly describes the process of ... [Read More]

    Blast From The Past: Ya Never Know Where You'll Find A Model Rocket Part. (2019-05-17)
    Last night I was out doing some yard work at the BlastFromThePast home.  I have a very large ceramic planter on the front porch that is in need of repair, so I was removing the ... [Read More]

    Model Rocket Building: Nose Cone Prep TIP (2020-02-03)
    A question about nose cone sanding came up on the Estes Model Rockets Facebook page: Kenny D. asked:  "Does any one here sand nose cones to 600 grit?" My response: I wouldn't go down to ... [Read More]

    Improbable Ventures: How to build a fiberglass rocket, part 5: nose cone (2020-05-26)
    Like many fiberglass rocket kits, the Darkstar Extreme has an aluminum-tipped nose cone. The aluminum tip is for more than just show: it has a couple of structural purposes. One is the manufacturing ... [Read More]

    Model Rocket Building: Nose Cone Shoulder Edges TIP (2020-08-04)
    From a correspondence with Neil W: "Bonus note: I also found out, by accident, that a body tube with the edge coated with CA and not smoothed down with sandpaper makes a highly effect balsa ... [Read More]




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