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NSSL-07 18 September 2010 PML X-Calibur Flight 5

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Published:2010-10-16 18:39:17

Fifth Camera flight of my Public Missiles X-Calibur rocket. Rocket was adjusted and outfitted with a Flycamone 2. Launched during NSSL-07 in Baarlo, The Netherlands on 18 september 2010. Rocket engine was a Cesaroni Pro38 G115 White Thunder with approximately 8 seconds delay. Maximum altitude was supposed to be about 425 - 450 meters. However the rocket flew under an angle so max altitude was more likely around 300 - 350 meters. It came down into a corn field unfortunately. After almost a one hour walk around the corn field I gave up the search for the rocket. Four weeks later I got a phone call from the farmer. He and his wife found the rocket in the corn field. After these four weeks of wind and rain the rocket is still OK and so are the video camera and the recording.... I'am verry happy to show you all this short movie :-)

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