LOC/Precision - Nuke Pro Maxx Kit

CP Method: Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 35.59 inches
Manufacturer: LOC/Precision
Product Type: Kit
  • LOC/Precision - Nuke Pro Maxx {Kit} By Lance Alligood

    The LOC/Precision Nuke Pro Maxx is a simple, robust high performing 3FNC mid/high power rocket that can fly on motors as little as an F all the way up to a the largest 38mm J motor that you can fit into the rocket. My big reason for getting this kick is that I fly a lot of H and I powered rockets. I prefer my rockets to be light and small as well. My USR Banshee only has a 29mm MMT, so ...

  • LOC/Precision - Nuke Pro Maxx {Kit} By Andrew Grippo

    Brief: This is a simple to construct single stage, mid to high power rocket with a payload section and through the wall fin design. Kit is designed to use motor ejection for parachute deployment. A 38mm motor mount is included with the kit. A motor mount adapter is not included for the use of 29mm motors. Construction: Kit components come packaged in a heavy duty bag and include: ...

  • LOC/Precision - Nuke Pro Maxx {Kit} By Philip Levanda

    Brief: This is an extremely versatile high flyer. Capable of stable flight on as little as an F20 through J motors. It is 2.2 inches in diameter and 39.5 inches long. It has three sharp fins for a very sleek, fast look. Construction: The kit comes with a main and a payload body tube. The recovery system is a 28 inch parachute. The body tube is slotted and the fins slide through ...

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