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LDRS 29 'Odd Rocket' (2010-06-18)
This was my entry in the LDRS 29 "Odd Rocket" competition including slow motion. The 'rocket' was found along the road on my way home from the previous month's rocket launch. [View]
Rocket Girl ( (2008-09-08)
Mannequin converted into a high-powered rocket launched at LDRS 2008 in Argonia, Kansas. [View]
Tiki Hut Odd Rock at LDRS 30 (2011-09-06)
This was an Odd Rocket and will most likely be on the Discovery Channel documentary for LDRS 30. [View]
Tripoli LDRS 29 odd rocket competition "My Spare Rocket" (2010-11-24)
I built this rocket for the Discovery Odd Rocket competition. It started with a much larger motor but I was trying to go to 100' to win the contest and went with a "H" motor that proved too small. ... [View]
Big Daddy Akavish (2007-09-30)
Roger and Bracha's large Spider-themed rocket is launched on an I motor. [View]
2009-03-21 Big Daddy Akavish at TTRA Launch (2009-03-26)
Roger and Bracha's Big Daddy Akavish is launched on J327 and K327 motors at the TTRA launch in March, 2009. Includes high-speed and onboard footage. [View]
2008-06-14 NEFAR - Big Daddy Akavish CATO (2008-06-29)
A CATO pops the head off the Big Daddy Akavish at the June, 2008, NEFAR launch. [View]
Judy Lubin's AP soda (2011-10-31)
Judy's huge 100 lb soda bottle on an N3400 Sk [View]
LDRS 30 - Cajun Coalition - Odd Rocket - TIKI HUT Post Mortem Walkthrough (2011-09-05)
This video is a brief walkthrough of the Cajun Coalition's rocket powered TIKI HUT that was launched at LDRS 30 in Argonia Kansas. [View]
Matt Johnson's Santa Rocket Flight (2011-05-08)
May 7th, 2011 at MMAR launch, Muskegon, MI [View]
Odd-Roc (p18) Gleason Entry (2008-04-02)
This was a "pop-a-lot" ping-pong ball shooter: [View]
Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club Launch (2010-05-20)
Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club Launch Scratch Build by Mike C. [View]
Veeger - Aerotech K540W - CATO (2011-05-12)
A scratch-built model rocket named 'Veeger' from the Star Trek 1 movie. It flew on a Aerotech K540W which CATOed not long after leaving the pad. Flight occurred as part of the Muskegon Michigan ... [View]
LDRS 38 - Dave Brunsting's Flying Basket of Death and Destruction on an I-140 (oddroc) (2019-09-01)
On Day 2 (Friday, Aug. 30, 2019) of LDRS 38 in the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, Dave Brunsting of Saint Joseph, Michigan flew his superlative oddroc Flying Basket of Death and Destruction, modeled ... [View]
Odd Rockets at JMRC's MIS launch (2006-12-30)
Fun with odd model rockets at the Jackson Michigan Rocket Club's launch. [View]