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Classic Rocket With 21st Century Video (2018-08-02)
As an homage to the original Estes Cineroc film camera and Omega two-stage carrier rocket, I built the Semroc Omega clone and attached a U-838 HD video camera inside a shroud from Apogee Components. ... [View]
Semroc Omega 2 stage 10-19-19 at BARC (2019-10-19)
On board video of the 2 stage Semrock Omega (Estes Clone). You can see the first stage separate if you don't blink! Video from a strapped on Mobius Maxi. Launched ar BARC, 10-19-19 on a D12-0 to a ... [View]
Semroc Omega model rocket two-stage launch with onboard camera (2018-01-14)
First two-stage launch of my Semroc Omega model rocket, with a modified load bay containing a camera. Went pretty well! Used a D12-0 and a C11-5. [View]
Semroc Omega, November 18, 2018 at SOJARS (2018-11-19)
Semroc Omega on Estes C11-0 / C11-5 at SOJARS, Nov 18, 2018. This is a two stage rocket. [View]