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Published:2011-06-16 23:50:25

In 2005 a group of us built this incredibly complex and beautiful upscale Outlander. It was flown at Midwest Power on a cluster of four(4)- 75mm L 2000 research motors to get it off the ground. Then the saucer section airstarted a Cesaroni Technologies K510 to remove it from the four piece stack and look cool. The rocket had multiple electronics onboard including two Missile works WRC remote controls, two Gwiz MC computers, and a staging timer for the spin motors. (Which never lit) Team Outlander was: Brent Lillesand, Charlie Marks, Brad Deimel, Dean Gelinskey, Dean Roth, Fred Jarosche, Jerry Selensky, Kevin Klein, Gabe Kolesari, and Scott Goebel. Sponsored by Al's Hobby, and Wildman Rocketry.

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