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P11000 rocket at LDRS XXX (2011-09-05)
'the cow', a P11000 motor rocket launching at LDRS XXX in Argonia, KS [View]
6 foot long Rocket Motor Test (2006-04-19)
This was a test of a rocket project which flew in the Nevada desert on three P impulse motors, each motor exceeding 20,500 newton seconds. An Estes D12 has 20 newton seconds. Ignition was thermite ... [View]
P rocket motor CATO at BALLS (2009-05-12)
A 6 inch diameter "P" solid fueled rocket motor has a Catastrophic Failure at Takeoff (CATO) at the BALLS launch Black Rock Desert, Nevada [View]
"P" Motor Rocket Launch (2012-04-24)
Todd Harrison, Ryan Sebatian, David Reese's "Little John" on a P7200 Green [View]
Insane projects' 1/3 scale Redstone (2012-09-04)
A 350 pound mercury Redstone(1/3 scale) flying on a large P class motor made by Pat G. [View]
P Motor Static Test (2009-08-28)
This is a static test of my P9000 motor. It's fiberglass cased, single use, 6" x 84", 118 lb. It burned 76 lb. of propellant in 8.3 seconds producing 74,200 N-s. Fired at Orangeburg, SC Nov. 2001 [View]
April 2019 Tom Cohen Yellow Submarine (2019-04-13)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 20 hobby rocket flight.  [View]
Neil McGilvray Bob Utley The Cow P11,000 (2020-08-09)
Cool Flight of Neil McGilvray / Bob Utley The Cow on a P-11,000 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]