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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Partizon {Kit} (9702)

Estes Partizon 2 0 High Power Launch- Oct. 13 2018 (2018-10-16)
Estes Partizon- customized to add camcorder payload bay. Aerotech G80-10 motor. Jolly Logic Chute Release device. Perfectflite mini altimeter. Top Flight parachutes. Achieved altitude of 1,344 with ... [View]
Estes Partizon at NSL 2019 with 4k Action Camera (2019-06-13)
Flying on an Aerotech H135 to 2400 feet. Delay drilled to 10 seconds. Nice panoramic view of the Lucerne Dry Lake Bed, the crowd gathered for the NSL 2019. Thanks to NAR and ROC. NSL2019 Family ... [View]
Estes Partizon at the 2017 National Sports Launch (2019-01-31)
It's Throwback Thursday, so here is a blast from the past. This is the Estes Partizon at the National Association of Rocketry's National Sport Launch hosted by FLARE and SMRA in Almagordo NM. I'm ... [View]
Estes Partizon Rocket on a High Power Motor to 2300 feet (2019-12-17)
Estes Partizon Rocket on a High Power Motor to 2300 feet. It's the last official Southern Arizona Rocketry Association launch of the year. I have only one mission: Fly the Estes Partizon with two ... [View]
Level 1 Certification Flight (2018-06-24)
Onboard video from my TRA Level 1 certification flight. Modified Estes Partizon 2327' on a CTI H410 VMax. Motor ejection at apogee; Jolly Logic Chute Release at 400' [View]
Modified Estes Partizon, "Flowbee" (2018-09-07)
CTI 168-H410 VM Apogee ~2300'. Acceleration went past the 24g peak capabilities of the Jolly Logic Altimeter 3. Altitude and G gauges driven by Altimeter 3 log, overlaid with Dashware. [View]