Estes - Patriot Kit

Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2056
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 2003-
  • Estes - Patriot {Kit} (2056) [2003-] By Dave Stout

    This is a single-staged, standoff-scale model of a Patriot test round. Other reviewers have done excellent breakdowns on the kit contents, so I will not repeat them here. However, one change is that my Patriot came with the new, cheap rubber band shock cord. This was immediately canned! The Patriot is a decent model in stock form. The majority of the components are good quality stuff and ...

  • Estes - Patriot {Kit} (2056) [2003-] By Carl Tulanko

    Brief:  The Estes MK-104 Patriot Missile rocket kit is one of four new Estes "Military" kits and a very popular kit at the flying field. I purchased the Patriot along with the other three kits and the version I built was the "Launchable" kit in the hard-shell pack from Meijers. It is a very colorful model, appears pretty sturdy, and flies on 18mm motors. Included with the kit is an ...

  • Estes - Patriot {Kit} (2056) [2003-] By Joseph Michel

    Estes Enduring Freedom M-104 Patriot Missile. Modified recovery system and motor mount. Modifications: I modified the stock kit to accept a 24MM motor tube. This was accomplished using a rotary tool and 50-grit sanding drum to open up the stock centering ring to accept the 24MM tube. Once the centering rings were fitted to the motor tube, I also modified the motor hook. I never much cared for ...

  • Estes - Patriot {Kit} (2056) [2003-] By Jon Revelle

    A beautiful remake of the M-104 Patriot missile from Estes. This pup was re-released because of our recent victory over seas. This kit is un-assembled and comes with: 2 white body tubes 1 short yellow tube 1 nose cone 4 balsa fins 1 motor mount tube 1 mylar ring 2 engine tube holder rings 1 shockcord, parachute and shockcord mount 2 decal sheets PROS: ...

Related Reviews
  • Patriot (Modification) By Jim Bassham

    This is a modification of the Estes Patriot kit into a semi-scale model of the Little John tactical nuclear missile The motor mount was built and installed in the shortened body tube as per the instructions (LJ01). The yellow tube was modified into a payload section by use of a balsa nose block from Balsa machining. I formed a "eye hook" from a paperclip and ran it through the balsa ...

  • Patriot By Jim Bassham

    The Yellow Jacket is a two-stage rocket constructed solely from the parts of two Estes 1:10 scale Patriot kits. The rocket uses direct coupling of the motors with an engine block above and below the motors to aid in pulling the lower stage off cleanly as described in "The Handbook of Model Rocketry". The two kits contain: 4 White (BT60) body tubes, 6-5/8" Long 2 Yellow (BT60) body ...

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