North Coast Rocketry - Patriot Kit

CP Method: Calculated
CP Position From Front: 35.69 inches
Manufacturer: North Coast Rocketry
Product Type: Kit
Status: Out-Of-Production
  • North Coast Rocketry - Patriot {Kit} By Nick Hills

    by Tom Bell  The old 1/4 scale North Coast Patriot may have been a good kit, but I wouldn't recommend the new Estes North Coast Patriot kit for several reasons. Instructions: The instructions were not complete, as TWO separate addendum sheets were included. If you didn't see these two small slips of paper, you'd have trouble building the rocket. Ease of Build: This rocket should ...

  • North Coast Rocketry - Patriot {Kit} By Nick Hills

    Brief: This is one of the biggest North Coast Rocket rockets made and is fairly challenging to build. This is not a beginner rocket in any way. Construction: All parts were in the box in good shape upon inspection of them. One thing you need to make sure to do is get a length of LOC 29mm motor tubing to replace the 28.5mm NCR tubing. This way you can use Aerotech motors and Kosdon ...

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