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Manufacturer: Public Missiles
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  • Public Missiles Patriot (1/2 Scale) By Mike Doyle

    (by Mike Doyle - 12/20/02) Note: This is a slightly condensed version of all the information that Mike has produced for his Level 3 project. Visit his homepage to read the additional information and enjoy additional pictures. Introduction: This certification flight is scheduled to take place at the first available opportunity after an AeroTech M1315 reload motor can be obtained; ...

  • Public Missiles Patriot (1/2 Scale) By Brian Wheeler

    ( Contributed - by Brian Wheeler) Brief: Single stage, scale, high power rocket with parachute recovery. Construction: One 48" phenolic body tube, a 22" phenolic payload bay, four (4) G10 fins, three (3) plywood centering rings, a 54 mm motor mount, a fiberglass nose cone, PML's piston ejection system, two (2) 3/8" launch lugs, two (2) PML parachute's (a 60" and a ...

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