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AKA: Manuel Rocket

Location: Rhode Island

Certification Level: L1 NAR

Club Memberships: NAR - RIMRA 755,CATO 755 / Tripoli - CATO 27

Favorite Rockets: Region D Tomahawk


I am a member of The Rhode Island Model Rocket Association (RIMRA) is a model rocket club and a sanctioned section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR # 755).  Founded in 2013 the club looking to bring rocketeers together from all of the Southeastern New England area. 

The Rhode Island Model Rocket Association (RiMRA) is a club composed of model rocket enthusiasts living throughout the southeast New England area and beyond.  Members range in age and skill level from novice to very experienced. Club members come from all walks of life to share their common love and excitement for amateur rocketry.

The mission of RiMRA is to provide a safe venue for launching amateur rockets and bring together people interested in amateur rocketry - whether they are new to the hobby or long time enthusiast.  RiMRA promotes amateur rocketry as a tool for teaching engineering, mathematics & the physical sciences.

Outreach events are designed to encourage students to become involved with science and engineering through hands on experience with model rocketry. Groups from the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) work with RiMRA members to prepare for their competitions.

If you are Interested in in RiMRA please visit us at to obtain additional information and join.


Favorite Quote:

What ever goes up must comes down unless it breaks bounds of Earth's gravity ....or lands in a tree.

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