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Beer Keg Rocket Crashes at BALLS 2011 (2011-10-03)
A large rocket with a keg of beer as a payload crashes at the BALLS 2011 Rocket Launch, Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Nobody was hurt and the keg of beer survived. [View]
Estes rocket Cameroc launch (2012-08-15)
December 1973 launch of a model rocket I made from Estes parts. It carried a Camroc as a payload in the movie, the first test launch without film. It carried a beacon on the second set of launches ... [View]
Payloads (2016-02-16)
This video discusses what is classified as a payload and describes the different categories of payloads. The video discusses the use of altimeters and accelerometers in recovery events and different ... [View]
Quest Magnum Sport Loader Rocket First Flight with Egg Payload (2015-09-07)
This was my first cluster rocket - the two-motor Magnum Sport Loader by Quest Aerospace. It's what is known as an egg lofter, meaning it carries a payload of a . (music: rocket time by richtaste) ... [View]
Six engine rocket (2006-12-20)
Six engine rocket launching two eggs (inside nose). 3 booster and 3 sustainer engines! The rocket is around 3 feet in total length; the rocket itself is sitting on a 5 gallon bucket filled with sand ... [View]