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BAR and just a few months back into this hobby with my grandkids. Recovering what few skills I did have. After the family got too busy and a cato of a 30hr Big Daddy killed my enthusiasm 20yrs ago. I'll probably use this site many, many times.


I'm the computer guy for a small city. I'm still the new guy after only 25yrs on the job. You may or may not know that you are never really from a small town no matter how long ago you moved there.  My kids born here are still not from here yet, maybe their grandkids may. My latest quip is, there used to be a time when I enjoyed working on computers, but it's been a while, like 40 years ago, when I started with that electron in the valence band, when microcomputer meant it was the size of a fridge.  TTLY Thanks,  Phil.

Favorite Quote:

"There used to be a time when I enjoyed working on computers,,, but it's been a while" with just the right pause.

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Estes Fat Boy


Wow, what a flight, exhilerating! Perfect arc. Powered through apogee, TOO heavy for the small engine. Ejected about 10' off the ground at high speed. Sustained heavy damage (broke 2 fins). - A8-3 [More]

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