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  • Public Missiles Phobos By Aaron Stanley

    The Public Missiles, Ltd. Phobos is one of the great, easy to build mid and high power rockets out there you can buy. This rocket can be launched on any where from a F40 all the way up to a J570 if you get it with the 38mm motor mount. This is probably the best rocket to use for your Level 1 cert attempt, which I used it for. The only down side to this kit is you have to clean out the main ...

  • Public Missiles Phobos By Lance Alligood

    Brief: The PML Phobos is an easy to build single stage, single motor 3FNC MPR/HPR kit. It could be used for Level 1 certifications but I don't know if I would recommend it for that. You have a choice of either Quantum or phenolic tubing and 29mm or 38mm motor mount. I bought the kit direct from PML with the Quantum tubing (QT) and 38mm motor mount. My goal in picking the Phobos was that it ...

  • Public Missiles Phobos By Brian Kain

    ( Contributed - by Brian Kain - 10/15/00) Brief: I shortened the span of the fins to 2.25". Used 1/4" graphite tubing for launch lugs. Modifications: I took the three (3) fins and put them in my flat jaw vice, making sure to keep them all straight and lined up. Then with my dremel tool and a carbon cutting wheel, I cut all 3 fins at once. Then kept them in the vice ...

  • Public Missiles Phobos By Michael Veno

    Picture courtesy of Public Missiles Brief: The PML Phobos is a 2.15" HPR with payload section. I selected it because PML website indicated that is was capable of flying with a J350. This would allow me to use it for both for a TRA Level 1 certification as well as Level 2. Construction: The PML Phobos is a 2.15", 57” long HPR with payload section using the PML ...

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