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Aerial Video Val de Ruz (2011-06-26)

Two videos taken from a highpower rocket on the ALRS XI Event in Val de Ruz, Switzerland. The first is from my AGM-390 on a I300T, the second from my SpaceShipThree on a J540R, 600 and 800 m high. The last rocket is a 4" upscale of an Estes Intruder, it goes straight up without turns.

Real Highpower Rocketree - uh- Rocketry! (2011-12-08)

This shows my "Highpower Rocketree", a Christmas Tree powered by an H-Rocket Motor Weight was 4 Kg, Thrust was provided by a Aerotech H143R Redline motor. Second flight was on a CTI Motor. Have fun and merry christmas to all rocketeers in the world!

Saturn IB 1:30,1 Launch om M1297W at ALRS Event (2012-03-15)

This shows the launch of my L3 Rocket, a scale Saturn IB. It flew on an Aerotech M1297W to 1500m.

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