Estes - Silver Comet Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 22.79 inches
Designer: Ron McClaren
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2141
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1997-2000
Recovery: Parachute
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: Futuristic/Exotic
Tags: Family:Estes:Silver Comet
  • Estes - Silver Comet {Kit} (2141) [1997-2000] By Gary Sinclair

    ( Contributed - by Gary Sinclair) Brief: Fiberglassed body and fins. 3mm Kevlar ® shockcord. LOC precision 16" parachute. Centering rings were glued using 5 minute epoxy. All joints were glued using epoxy. Modifications: The Silver Comet is a great looking kit which I felt deserved to be built to last and fly on E and F motors. To this end I decided to re-enforce the body and ...

  • Estes - Silver Comet {Kit} (2141) [1997-2000] By Tristan Higbee

    ( Contributed - by Tristan Higbee ) The Silver Comet is a 1997 edition Estes model rocket. It is a skill level two and is one out of the few Estes rockets that takes a "D" engine. It is a fairly easy rocket to make if you have some experience. It requires a ¼ inch launch rod and is 25" long. The average cost of a Silver Comet is about $20, and I think it was ...

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  • Silver Comet (Modification) By Darrell Edge

    Converting the existing Silver Comet to the once available V2. Modifications: I wanted to recreate the V2 in an inexpensive way using readily available parts. My first purchase was the Estes Silver Comet rocket kit. This was the same platform that the old V2 from Estes was built on. The next step was to get the fin pattern from Jimz plans online. I downloaded the fin pattern and took it and ...

  • Silver Comet (Modification) By Stefan Jones

    Silver Comet XL - My Silver Comet kitbash project began with someone else having a bad bit of luck. An unknown party at a DARS launch (de Anza College, Cupertino CA) in early 1998 launched a Silver Comet with an Aerotech E motor. Maybe the motor had too long a delay. Maybe the parachute was packed too tight. In any case, the model took a nose dive into the unforgiving DARS' "AsphaltDrome." I ...

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