Scratch - Titan IV Scratch

Designer: Ted Cochran
Manufacturer: Scratch
Motor Size: 10.5 millimeters
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Scratch
Recommended Motors: 2xMMX, 3xMMX, MMX
Scale: 1/320
Style: MMX, Scale
Tags: Scale:Titan:Titan IV, Contests:Descon:Descon 5
  • Descon 5 Titan IV By Ted Cochran

      1/4A Titan IVA 1/320 Scale   For 1 or 3 MicroMaxx Motors The Titan IVA bridged the gap between the Titan IIIE and the Titan IVB. Since 1989, more than twenty have been launched from both Vandenberg and Cape Canaveral, primarily to orbit military satellites. I've never scratch built a scale model before, and ...

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