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Manufacturer: Quest
Product Type: Other
  • Quest - Flics {Other} By Geoffrey Kerbel

    Brief: I just want everyone to know that the only reason I am doing this review is not because I am desperate to get one in or because I need the points for the on going contest! Maybe! It just so happens that I received this kit with a Quest QEZ at the same time. These were graciously donated by Matt Constable from Quest at a SSS club meeting here in Phoenix for a build session at our ...

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  • Flics (Modification) By Dick Stafford

    The Lucky 13 is a copycat of Hans "Chris" Michielssen’s Powered FLICS . Mine uses the FLICS body and the remnants of a damaged 13mm 4FNC rocket that was missing its nose. Modifications: I didn’t have any 13mm tubing so I dug through my box-o-dead rockets and found a suitable 13mm one. After I removed two of the fins, I held it up to the assembled FLICS body and liked what I saw. ...

  • Flics (Modification) By Dick Stafford

    When I read that Hans "Chris" Michielssen had converted a Quest FLICS rubber band powered rocket to MicroMaxx power, I immediately gave it a try. I too have had a stash of these freebies with no plans for what to do with them. I wasn't going to review but, when I saw his review of a 13mm version, I thought, "why not?" I've also built a 13mm version but haven't had a chance ...

  • Flics (Modification) By Hans "Chris" Michielssen

    I received a few Flic rockets as "freebies" in Quest orders. My younger daughter has played with them, launching them with the provided rubber band stick. On the powered Flic attempt, I mounted an Alien-X Decor Flic on a Quest MMX-2 body tube. This body tube didn't extend over the top of the cardstock Flic. I flew it with a MMX engine to the BIG altitude of 25 feet. The second ...

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