Estes - Loadstar Kit

Manufacturer: Estes
Product Type: Kit
  • Estes - Loadstar {Kit} By Donald Besaw Jr

    Brief: This is a two stage rocket with a large BT-60 sized payload section for pretty much every payload imaginable. This is one of the Estes Educator rockets so finding a single one is not easy. I do believe that this Educator pack is now OOP and even if it's not, it costs about $129.00 for 12 kits. I knew this and when I saw this kit on an ROL auction for $8.00, I snapped it up. ...

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  • Loadstar (Modification) By Verna DeArman

    My favorite movie has always been The Wizard of Oz . With that in mind I decided to build a rocket that could carry several passengers over the rainbow. The nice thing about building Dorothy from the Estes Loadstar kits is that you already have most of the materials and you will have spare fins and chutes left over. While there are many steps to assembling the Loadstars individually, there ...

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