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Manufacturer: Public Missiles
Product Type: -Undefined-
  • Public Missiles Pterodactyl By Frank DeBrouwer

    (by Frank De Brouwer - 12/20/02) Note: This is a slightly condensed version of all the information that Frank has produced for his Level 3 project. Visit the Tripoli Netherlands site (look under Projecten) to read the additional information and enjoy additional pictures. I decided to fly a Level 3 rocket at ALRS 1 in Switzerland on the 24th and 25th of March 2000. After contact ...

  • Public Missiles Pterodactyl By Joel Simon

    Brief: Single-staged HPR rocket, built for Level 2 certification. Piston-deployed parachute recovery. No payload capability in kit form. Construction: The parts were all there and in excellent condition. The Pterodactyl is actually a fairly basic HPR kit, except for the fins. So the parts consisted of main airframe, six G10 fin components, motor tube, 3 centering rings, nose cone, and ...

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