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Manufacturer: Public Missiles
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  • Public Missiles Pterodactyl, Jr. By Kerry Garrison

    (by Kerry Garrison courtesy of WildRocketry.Com) Kerry's Ptery From the first time I saw a Pterodactyl Jr. kit, I knew I wanted to build one. My local hobby store owner told me there was a shipment of new PML kits coming in and I wanted to see the kits up close before I bought one. The shipment day arrived and I ran down to the store only to find a fellow member of our rocketry ...

  • Public Missiles Pterodactyl, Jr. By John Meckley

    (by John Meckley)  This is a fairly simple kit to put together -- basic through-the-wall fin mounting and single body tube/nose cone construction. This kit has a "piston"-type ejection system and since the body tube is relatively short in relation to the forward end of the tapered fins, there's really no opportunity to use the "zipperless design" that I favor. ...

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