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"Hang Time" at QRS, 2010-10-17 (2010-10-18)
My inaugural flight at QRS Cedar Grove. :) Little Dog Dual-Deploy (more or less) with a Telemetrum controlling two BP charges for drogueless separation at apogee and a chute at about 250m. Flew on ... [View]
QRS July 2010 TRA Launch (2010-07-18)
The first launch in this video is the first rocket launched for QRS with an 'L' motor, and this is currently our biggest motor launched. Also included is a RATTworks Tribrid launch. [View]
QRS LAUNCH JUNE 2011 THOR (2011-06-23)
a Thor being launched at the Queensland Rocketry Society [View]
QRS October 2010 Thor Launch (2010-10-11)
QRS had a planned launch event called October Skies. This was delayed until the following weekend but Dave (our interstate visitor) decided that he was here to launch so he did. [View]
Simon's Tribrid Launch (2010-07-18)
Australia's First Tribrid Rocket Launch Liquid Fuel / Nitrous Oxidizer. at QRS, TRA launch [View]
AGM 256 Pitbull CTI G125 RL (2014-01-12)
Launch of a PML AGM 256 Pitbull on a CTI G125 Red Lightning motor at Jimboomba on 12 Jan 2014 [View]
Blu Fyr - Scratch built BT60 2 Stage (2017-08-20)
QRS launch 2017-08-20. D12-0 booster and D12-7 sustainer. Altitude 360.6m Chute release issues prevented chute from opening. [View]
BT60 upscale of Odd'l Rockets Break Away (2017-08-20)
Flying on a D12-7 QRS Launch 2017-08-20 Tumble recovery gets lost for a bit but turns back up at 1:43sec [View]
Estes rocket launch with Flycamone2 onboard (2009-05-17)
Estes, The Dude on a F12-5J with Flycamone2 on-board video at QRS rocket launch [View]
QRS October Sky 2018 (2018-10-28)
Small selection of launches from the QRS October Sky 2018 launch day [View]
Scratch built 38mm cluster with 3 x H123W (2013-03-10)
Matt Barton's scratch built 38mm cluster looked fantastic at Queensland Rocketry Society's March 2013 public launch [View]