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Quest-A bullet with fins

By Jon Preston

Estes - Quark {Kit} (00802) [1997-]

Found this Estes in a bargin basket at me local hobby store. Aye aye! I thought it would keep me busy while I kept watch over t' shenanagins associated with me son's 9th birthday. Begad! I have built a lot so t' idea o' me first new build document might seem sort o' a lame, ya bilge rat, but it really was a fun hour.

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Cuttin' out t' Fins (2012-01-30 00:00:00)

This may seem sort o' off color but bear with me. I took t' twin pieces o' balsa and ran each one through a knife sharpener just before t' colored edge o' t' balsa was invisible. Aye aye! I then stacked t' two together and put t' fin template on top and cut t' fins with a very sharp pair o' heavy duty scissors. T' beveled leadin' and traillin' edge were nay affected because t' template fit t' those edges. Well, blow me down! Just t' root and tip edge were cut with t' scissors. Avast, me proud beauty! With four rough fins in hand I stacked those and sanded t' root edge with 400 then 600. T' tips were then sanded individually with 400.

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Body tube and Nosecone (2012-01-30 00:00:00)

When I looked at t' tiny body tube and nosecone I realized Estes had created an A rocket motor with fins and a nosecone. Aye aye! OK Mr. Estes I get it. I paused at that point thinkin' I'm never goin' t' find this once I launch it. Without any kind o' motor retention it is obvious t' ejection charge is goin' t' spit t' motor out. I spent a few moments thinkin' o' a mod that would allow at least a tiny streamer t' deploy. Avast! A tiny bulkhead would do the trick, but limited by space and time and t' kids needin' a little supervision, me hearties, I went by t' instructions and glued t' nose cone t' t' body tube.

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Fins t' body tube (2012-01-30 00:00:00)

I marked out t' lines for fin placement and set t' fins in place without much hassle usin' CA. Ya scallywag! Blimey! I then took a piece o' 600 sandpaper and finished t' leading, arrr, trailin' and tips o' t' fins. I got them pretty thin like razor blades and took a paint brush dipped into CA and coated them till they were good and brittle.

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Givin' t' fins a little resiliency (2012-01-30 00:00:00)

So I'm an optimist. I painted a thin film on t' fins with 5 min epoxy t' give them a little strength.

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