Quest Astra 1

Quest - Astra 1 {Kit} (1004) [1992-]

Contributed by Joe Warnock

Diameter: 0.98 inches
Length: 13.00 inches
Manufacturer: Quest
Skill Level: 1
Style: Sport
[NAR][Sport Rocketry]

The following excerpt is from "Sport Rocketry". The intention is to allow guests to get a basic feeling about a kit. We strongly suggest that you get a copy of the referenced Sport Rocketry and read the entire article. Inside you will find many helpful hints in construction as well as other useful information.

(Sport Rocketry - Mar/Apr 1995 - page 25 - by Joe Warnock) 

[Picture]"The Astra 1 is a very straightforward level 1 sport flyer that makes up into an attractive model." 
"Quality of the materials in the kit was high, with the exception of liberal flash around the tip and base of the plastic nose cone." 
"Quest uses color coding on parts for the engine mount. I like the idea, especially since this kit is intended for beginners." 
"I also like the Kevlar shock cord mounting system." 
"The shroud lines are pre-cut to size!" 
". . . the only instructions for assembling the parachute are printed in the margins of the parachute sheet." 
"The Astra 1 uses die cut balsa fins." 
"Astra 1 comes with self stick "decals" that are printed on paper." 
"Overall, I'd recommend this kit for an experienced beginner, one who's built a couple of kits already, or a novice builder with some dedicated, experienced help." 

The entire article gives the impression is that this kit is a basic model for beginners/novice modelers.



D.S. (January 1, 2001)
The Quest Astra was one of the first kits I built this time around. I found the grippers to be a nuisance due to the friction they cause inside the body tube. I cut off the overhanging ends and punched holes through the remaining gripper material with a paper punch, it now deploys better. I also built mine without attaching the Kevlar® to the motor mount, instead it was used to make an anchor loop near the top of the body tube. Built this way, I have found it to be an excellent flyer that performs on a par with the Estes Alpha (which it pretty much is a clone of) with the added bonus that has no glued in shock cord to twist around and snap off. Nice bird that is a pleasure to build and fly.
J.R. (November 25, 2003)
It's nice and all, but it looks almost exactly like the Estes Alpha.

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