Rocketry Videos

By R A

29mm Art Applewhite "Stealth" on an F25 (2012-05-14)
Oroc Spring Thunder - Brothers Oregon - May 12/2012 - Odd Rocket 29mm Foamboard Stealth, finished with duct tape. Flies on an Aerotech F25. I love how these oddrocs seems to amplify the motor noise. [View]

CTI 54mm L265 6XL Mellow Yellow (2014-08-25)
Brothers OROC Desert Heat 10 second 54mm 6XL reload 15304ft AGL, around 1500ft/second [View]

Got Squid? 66% K Airstart Cluster rocket! OROC Brothers (2013-05-14)
4" BlueTube upscale based on the Pem Tech (Pemberton Technologies) Kraken. Cluster Airstart Dual CTI J290 White lit on the pad Raven lighting dual CTI I170 Classics 1.5 seconds after initial motor ... [View]

lil gobbo (2012-05-15)
Spring Thunder OROC Brothers Oregon Madcow Lil Goblin on CTI Pro29 3grain G125 to 2411ft [View]

NXRS L3 Cert (TRA) (2015-06-29)
NXRS 6-26-2015, OROC, Brothers, OR 5" Jart M1350 DMS Thanks to everyone who helped, especially my TAP's [View]

Pem Tech King Kraken flying on a CTI I212SS to 2K (2012-10-01)
OROC, Filibles Folly , sept 29th 2012, Sheridan, OR First flight of my Pem Tech King Kraken. Didnt want to stick my normal H225 'tester' HP Motor in it, but 'broke it in' with an I212SS. Perfect ... [View]

Pem Tech King Kraken on ATI I245G (2013-09-22)
Kraken goes up.. Kraken comes down. Shock cord severed at the apogee event. Luckily, it was above the drogue chute, so the fin section came down on the drogue. Top section, AV bay, Payload and nose, ... [View]

Pem Tech Kraken 3x18mm cluster (2012-08-01)
Pemberton Technology LPR Kraken Tube Fin Rocket Wow these things are excellent! Usually you would build these with a 24mm MMT, but, nah, not me, not this time. 3x18mm running on 3xC6-5. Now, I think ... [View]

Two stage HPR failure. (2013-10-15)
2.6" diameter body, two stage HPR. Bottom has 38mm MMT sustainer has 29mm. The sustainer stage had just had a successful test flight on a G131, with no problems in its dual deploy. This launch was ... [View]

Wilsons L3 - NXRS 2014 - OROC (2014-06-30)
Wilson Alness flying a 4" Wildman Competitor rocket for his successful L3 cert. NXRS Brother OROC 2014 [View]

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