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Riding a Rocket (2012-03-09)

Onboard video from a PML AMRAAM 4 high power rocket burning an Aerotech J350W motor. Cameras are looking towards the rocket's nose, aft, and perpendicular axis. Dual deployment and data collection were done using a Perfectflite Stratologger. Points of interest include: Motor ignition and liftoff - 0:15 Motor burnout - roughly 0:19 Aft assembly jettison and drogue chute deployment - 0:31 Nose cone jettison and main chute deployment - 1:20 Landing (in a tree) - 1:53 Nice still picture of the liftoff - 1:58 Thanks to some help the rocket was recovered completing a successful flight. Feel free to ask any questions but please keep comments friendly and appropriate. Thanks!

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