Rocketry Videos

By r12ski

Estes Trajector on a CTI E31WT (2016-07-30)
Estes Pro Series II E2X Trajector flying on a Cesaroni E31 White Thunder with a six second delay. RockSim estimated altitude 623'. Flown at CMASS 7-16-2016 in Acton, MA. [View]

Flis Kits Deuces Wild Drag Race (2012-10-24)
CMASS Flis Kits Anniversary Launch. Drag race featuring Flis Kits Deuces Wild. [View]

Level 1 (2010-10-19)
This is my successful L1 attempt at NARCONN un-invitational,10/17/10 The rocket is a LOC Precision Minie Magg (in GTI livery) going on an Aerotech H148R-M motor. [View]

Mad Dog DD on a CTI K740 C-Star (2015-08-04)
MMMSC in Berwick, ME August 1, 2015. Rocketry Warehouse Mad Dog 4" DD going on a Cesaroni K740 C-Star. Love this motor. Expected alt. 7100'. Landed in a tree. :-/ [View]

Minie Magg GTI I300T (2010-10-31)
The original Pocket Rocket. LOC Minie Magg in GTI Plaid on an AeroTech I300T motor reaching 390 MPH with an estimated altitude of 2600'. METRA launch 10/30/10. [View]

Minie Magg Loki G80 Onboard MMMSC Rocket Launch (2013-06-17)
LOC Minie Magg onboard camera at MMMSC 6/15 launch. Motor is a Loki Research G80 LW. Recorded with Boostervision Gearcam HD. Forgot to tape the mic so the audio is blown out with a lot of wind noise. [View]

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