Odd'l Rockets - Raise Accessory

Designer: Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Manufacturer: Odd'l Rockets
Product Type: Accessory
  • Odd'l Rockets - Raise {Accessory} (ODD-RAISE) By Dick Stafford (May 16, 2010)

    The Odd'l Raise is an adjustable standoff for 1/8" rods. One of them apparently dropped into the box when my Wedgie kit was shipped so I thought I'd add a short review. You can now put your clothes pins back on the line :) The Raise is a merely a coil spring with a short piece if brass tubing attached to the top. The lowest coil of the spring is bent outward to keep tension on the rod. It ...

  • Odd'l Rockets - Raise {Accessory} (ODD-RAISE) By Chan Stevens (November 15, 2009)

    The "Raise" is one of those indispensable little do-dads you never knew you needed, and once you've tried one out, you'll never want to launch without one. It slides down an 1/8" rod and acts as an adjustable standoff. You get a single component--a spring with a short brass arm welded on. You will need to at least look at the instructions to figure out the best way to mount and use ...

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