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AKA: Flyfishingdds

Location: Seattle area

Favorite Rockets: Goblin - now Moon Mutt or Silver Streak (twins)


Father of two boys

Both love the Museum of Flight

Purchased a Moon Mutt set from the gift shop and have been shooting rockets on regular basis

Used to do this with my father 30+ years ago and still have a Goblin, Starship Vega and Gemini Titan that we will introduce the boys to later. Right now trying to keep to mini moters. Found my old field box at my parents - including old launch systems,engines, wadding, repair supplies.

Favorite Quote:

Safety first, Fun will Follow

Or fans of old SNL "I'm a doctor, not a tailor damn it" Pages:



Estes, Skytraxx


Qwest Wadding, LEGO Policeman, Incomplete ejection. Weight of nose cone/payload section pulled parachute out for deployment There was still wadding in the body of the tube after recovery Qwest wadding is stiffer then the Estes "tissue paper" type. Will have to cut up in the future or ... [More]


Estes, Der Red Max


Maiden flight, Quest Wadding. Incomplete ejection. Chute partially deployed. Wet grass saved day - Quest, B6-4 - Homestead Park [More]


Estes, Sky Twister


Maiden flight, quest wadding, veered off course, didn't eject. Plowed into concrete far outside intended LZ. Epic Fail - Estes B6-4 - Homestead Park [More]


Estes, X-ray (mini model)


Maiden Flight. Estes Wadding. Ejection good, Streamer so-so, Wet grass landing saved rocket from damage - 1/2A3-4T - Homestead Park [More]


Estes, Jetliner


Maiden Flight. Quest Wadding. Incomplete deployment. Damaged vertical stabillizer Did not have sufficient velocity off the rod for stability Curved / arced over towards it's back, still mainly vertical when the smoke charge indicated it was coming back down Even with recommended A10-3T ... [More]



Fat Jax, Sky Duster, Nitro - RTF Triplets


Almost immediately after the Moon Mutt launched my boys into Rocketry  It became evident that we needed more rockets to cut down on field preptime and more launching of rockets Enter the wonder twins Estes RTF miniengine Sky Duster for Blake and Fat Jax for Drew A few weeks later ... [More]



Moon Mutt


My boys love everything aviation related. Theirs eyes have turned towards space with the arrival of the Space Shuttle trainer soon. So we purchased the Moon Mutt Launch Kit at the MOF gift shop. And started down the path of model rocketry for my two sons. Did not immediately let on to them ... [More]


Randy Ogata


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