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"Don't You Dare" Level 3 Certification Attempt on Loki M3000 at AIRfest 16 (2010-11-27)
Rocket aptly named after my son's warning to me about my shenanigans. This rocket went to 17,000ft altitude, maximum speed of 1044mph, at an estimated Mach 1.4. This is a slideshow of the c ... [View]

"High Power Rocket Ejection Charge Preparation" (2010-09-13)
]High power rocketry will typically involve putting electronic components into the rocket to control when the parachutes are deployed. This video shows how to mount the electronics in a ele ... [View]

"Using A Motor Adapter for High-Power Model Rockets" (2010-09-22)
This video shows how easy it is to use the metal motor-mount adapters. The purpose of the adapter is to allow you to use skinnier motors in a rocket kit that has a motor mount that uses larger ... [View]

0761 First Qualifying Flight (2009-09-14)
This video begins with the Scorpius module already hovering in air. Its flight path requires it to reach an altitude 50 meters (164 feet) above ground level, hover, translate laterally (move ... [View]

07_blood (2012-02-06)
My scratch built Bloodsucker on a D12-5. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

1-26-08 Rocket launch Tribute rocket, end over end failure (2008-01-26)
Not a spectacular failure, but a failure nontheless. This one needs a design change for stability Used one D12-7 engine. [View]

10" Thumper Level 3 rocket (2009-01-26)
Sucssesfull NAR Level III launch. Flying a 10" Polcat Thumper using a Aerotech M-1850W [View]

1st flight of camera onboard a model rocket (2007-07-11)
eDVR 5in1 camera onboard a scratch built rocket flown at EFNU airfield, Nummela, Finland. Be sure to check the second video, which is a bit better. The twinstar I almost hit is visible in the end of ... [View]

2 Rockets 40 motors - CMASS FlisKits launch 2017 (2017-09-20)
Spinning Saucer of the Apocalypse on 10 motors TOGinator firing 29 of 30 motors in a column of fire and smoke [View]

2 Stage Rocket Launch (2008-01-21)
This was the 2nd test flight of a two stage rocket for the Team America Rocketry Challenge in 2003. The goal was to reach 1500' and return safely while carrying 2 eggs. [View]

2006-09-09 Cineroc (2014-01-18)
This is the "Upscale Cineroc" I built to fly on the Upscale Omega rocket. The rocket wasn't ready, so I first flew it on my EZI-65. [View]

2007 Rocketry Club (2007-07-03)
Yet another launch. Nothing really beats what comes out of the mouths of the people recording the video. [View]

2007-12-26 - Semroc Saturn 1B - Pad View (2008-01-01)
Pad view of a Semroc Saturn 1B on 4 Estes E9 motors. [View]

2008-08-02 ROCK Launch (2008-08-05)
ROCK's August 2008 launch shown in a series of high-speed videos. I used a Casio EX-F1 camera. For deatails, please see: See ... [View]

2008-11-29 - Fliskits Corona With Booster Flight 001 - C6-0 To B6-4 (2008-12-01)
2008-11-29 - Fliskits Corona With Booster Flight 001 - C6-0 To B6-4 [View]

2009 DOOMSDAY @ Dowerin Rocket Launch Part A (2009-10-17)
The Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC's 2nd Annual DOOMSDAY @ DOWERIN 2009. Launches from size A to M motors. First Level 3 Certification flight in Western Australia, Highest Altitude flight for PARC ... [View]

2xG64 Motor Cluster Rocket (with pad view) (2008-08-13)
Here's an extended version, with a view from the pad, and a slow motion at the end. I launched this rocket at a Tripoli MN launch. This was my "practice" high-power rocket, and technically it's ... [View]

4 in Nike Smoke K940 Keychain Cam (2011-02-08)
I bought a $5 keychain camera and Gorilla-Taped it to the side of my 4" Madcow Fiberglass Nike Smoke for what turned out to be a pretty good video! I cut the delay about 3-5 seconds too short so the ... [View]

6 litre rocket with parachute - onboard video (2011-03-21)
launch of 6 ltre rocket at 120psi. video taken with flycam one II - sound is out of sync. parachute deployment with tomy timer. [View]

A few model rocket launches (2007-06-07)
My son's Estes Patriot and my Blue Ninja. We almost lost the Patriot about 3 times and the Ninja flew just once. We thought the field was big enough for its maiden voyage but the big blue ended up ... [View]

Aerotech Arreaux First Flight (2009-02-14)
Flew on an AT F52-8T reload at the Tripoli ICBM Orangeburg SC launch, 8 Feb 09. Winds were about 10-15 mph. The rocket is stock, save for an extra long, tubular nylon recovery harness. [View]

Aerotech Cheetah vs Estes Ventris drag race - rematch. (2013-08-11)
Estes Ventris on CTI 159G54 R-LB-9 Aerotech Cheetah on CTI 163 H133BS-14A Rematch, previous was with both rockets on CTI159G54 R-LB Same outcome. [View]

AirFest XV (2009-09-14)
AirFest 15, put on by the Kloudbusters club. Basically high-power rocketry out in the middle of nowhere (Argonia, KS). Yee haw. Song: "Logan To Government Center" by Brand New. [View]

Alpha 3 Rocket Launch (2010-05-20)
First launch of my Estes Alpha 3. Complete success!!! All systems worked normally. for info [View]

ARK 1 - the club model rocket kit (2007-10-06)
This is a test flight of a model rocket that will be sold as a kit by our rocket club. The design is our own, and we will sell it with instructions written in Swedish. The name "ARK 1" comes from ... [View]

BALLS 20 Three Stage Rocket (2011-10-01)
This is a three stage rocket N to N to M [View]

Barracuda launch #2 (2010-04-18)
Aerotech Barracuda on a G76-7G engine, launched 4/18/2010, at SARA's April launch. I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 feet. I have no idea why it spins so badly -- I think I'll put ... [View]

BBC Top Gear Gifts & Gadgets - Reliant Robin Rocket [HD] (2009-10-17)
Air burst technology incorporates an entirely new burst membrane booster system that creates launching power that makes other air rockets look like a wet sock. Get ready for an amazing rocketry ... [View]

Big daddy model rocket launch with onboard video (2010-03-11)
The Estes Big Daddy rocket. Awesome model. Almost simultaneously launched with a V2-model, clearly visible in the first few seconds. Watch how the red V2-parachute deploys, as seen from the Big ... [View]

Bob's Level 3 Nike Smoke Rocket (2010-05-01)
Bob Dickenson's Tripoli Level 3 certification flight. His Nike Smoke was launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. This was my favorite flight of the ... [View]

Camp TImberlake - Rocketry (2006-11-02)
Camp Timberlake - Video Shorts Black Mountain, NC 28711 For more information please visit our website at: Rocketry is a blast at Camp Timberlake. Our rocketry program ... [View]

Carroll Community College STEM Club Rocket Launch (Afternoon Session) April 25 2011 Part 01 (2011-04-30)
Carroll Community College STEM Club Rocket Launch (Afternoon Session) April 25 2011 Part 01 [View]

Cheetah Rocket Launch (mid-air collision near miss) (2011-03-13)
First launch of Aerotech Cheetah 32 inch rocket. Launched on March 10, 2011 with reloaded G53-10FJ engine. 5 knot wind at 110 degrees. After visually clearing sky of any aircraft, rocket was ... [View]

Cluster Rocket Launch (2007-04-07)
Launch of 3xc6-3 engine model rocket, scratch built by Scott and Simon Experimental Rocketry [View]

CMASS Model Rocket Launch (2007-08-22)
At an event hosted by the Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society, rocket enthusiasts launched about 200 model rockets in Acton Aug. 18. [View]

Cygnus Hybrid Rocket Onboard Video (2011-04-26)
Video of a HPR Hybrid rocket launch taken on Easter Sunday 2011. The flight was a partial success, the thrust was much lower than expected resulting in the semi-stable flight and the low altitude. ... [View]

Dairy Air rocket launch 2008 (2008-05-18)
plenty of model rockets were flown at dairy air (run by Tripoli) this year. I'm to lazy to do the math, but my camera got one moving about 30 feet a frame, at 30 fps. Nobody broke 10k, at least on ... [View]

Dairy Aire '09, Comp 5 (2009-05-20)
M1297 flight at Dairy Aire 2009. One of ten M flights to commemorate the tenth Dairy Aire launch at the Maddox Dairy. Thank you to James D for shooting this video. Little wobbly on the way up due to ... [View]

DOOMSDAY @ DOWERIN Rocket Launching Part B (2009-11-11)
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club 2nd Annual 4 day rocket launch weekend. A to M flights. [View]

Dual Deployment (2006-10-24)
This is my Koliba Komet launched on an Aerotech I435T motor and was my first attempt for dual deployment. Everything went smooth!! [View]

Dual Deployment for High Power Model Rockets Part 2 (2010-01-04)
Dual Deployment allows you to retrieve your rocket closer to the launch pad by ejecting two different size parachutes from the rocket. This is done with a special altimeter. How do you mount the ... [View]

EMRR contest rocket second try (2006-10-01)
Model rocket designed and built for an online contest from a picture. This the second flight attempt with 2-C6-5 and 2- C6-0 engines [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - 12 inch Nitrous Hybrid Rocket Motor - Hyperion II (2010-08-01)
The Hyperion II is designed as a 12" diameter sounding rocket capable of lofting a 100lb payload to an altitude of over 100 miles for use as a research or atmospheric target rocket. The hybrid ... [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - 16 inch Nitrous Hybrid Rocket Motor #2 (2010-08-02)
eAc fired a series of 16" Nitrous Hybrids in preparation for the development of the Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne propulsion system. This was the second firing of this scale of nitrous hybrid ... [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - LOX Hybrid w/ Multi Layer Fuel Grain (2010-08-01)
eAc tested a thrust tailoring system that allows for mixing of different fuel types within the same hybrid grain. The layers shown here contain high and low levels of metals which is evidenced in ... [View]

ESTES Alpha III® Rocket Test (2012-11-12)
My Channel: Alpha III is the very first E2X - Easy to Assemble rocket. The one piece fin unit makes it easy to build fo... [View]

Estes Astro Vision Rocket Launch (2007-11-24)
Estes Astro Vision Camera Rocket Launch in Auburn Washington with kick A@@ tunes. [View]

Estes Bomarc Clone at CMASS 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
Estes Bomarc Clone at CMASS rocket launch 11-5-11 I forgot to put in nose weight so it did a big 20ft loop and plowed into the ground. Some damage, but repairable. [View]

Estes Hydrogen Model Rocket (2007-09-27)
Estes Model Rocket powered by Hydrogen gas. [View]

estes mean machine rocket disaster (0000-00-00)
k, the mean machine is just a problem all together, thats if it stays the 6ft tall. first we had a disaster when it didnt leave the launch rod, now the wind blows the rod while the rockets fuse was ... [View]

Estes Mongoose Model Rocket (2009-12-09)
Watch this 2 stage Estes Mongoose model rocket take to the skies on two B motors. [View]

Estes Outlaw Launch (2010-07-29)
The Astron Outlaw is an E2X (Easy to Assemble) rocket that is easy to build and can be ready in about an hour. With a chromed fin set and nose cone, the Outlaw is really easy to spot on the launch ... [View]

Estes Patriarch Model Rocket - Part 2 (2007-12-30)
The estes patriarch model rocket - straight out of the box! Here in part 2, we demonstrate multiple launches. [View]

Estes Patriot Rocket Launch (2012-02-19)
Launching an Estes Patriot at Moffett Field (hosted by Lunar) on Feb 18, 2012 with the Las Lomitas Rocket Club. First launch, on a B engine. [View]

Estes Rocket- Athena Launch (2013-04-07)
This is my first rocket launch! It was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. The rocket went over 1000 ft into the air and traveled about a m... [View]

Exporter 2000 Cluster Rocket (2008-10-13)
I flew this cluster rocket at Tripoli MN high-power rocket club launch this October. It was supposed to have onboard video, but the acceleration is so great that the batteries disconnect at liftoff. ... [View]

Fireworks in Model Rockets (2007-07-14)
Built some homemade model rockets powered w/ estes model rocket engines. Put in some fireworks payloads such as firecrackers, jumping jacks, and bottle rockets and fired 'em off. Here's the results. [View]

Future of Aerospace Rocket Flight Camera Footage - July 30, 2011 (2011-08-01)
United Launch Alliance Intern Rocket Launch 2011: "Future" Rocket Flight Camera Footage Video Source: Uploaded by jjb284 on Jul 31, 2011 "Future" rocket flight camera footage from ... [View]

G64 Marauder (2009-11-13)
My 250% sport upscale model of my first model rocket ever. Back around 1986 the Estes Marauder became my first model rocket. This upscale flies naked on its first flight with an Aerotech G64-7W at ... [View]

Glory rocket launch (2011-03-04)
NASA-TV video of failed Taurus XL rocket carrying NASA's Glory satellite launched from Va ndenberg Air Force Base in California. [View]

Go Pro, 2 Stage Rocket launch (2011-03-10)
Wide angle video of my 2 stage Arreaux rocket launch. [View]

Great Dane 15 Swing Wing Rocket Glider (2007-02-01)
A 6.5 foot wingspan Rocket Glider by George Gassaway. Test flown in 1976 on an E11.8 model rocket engine. Model used a Pop-stab dethermalizer, which is shown activating during the flight. [View]

Great Rocket Launch with wild ending (2007-02-01)
Rocket goes up and lands back down on the ground,,,,about 3 inches into the ground [View]

H2-A Rocket Flight 11 ETS-VIII (2006.12.18) (2011-05-22)
Video of the liftoff of Japan's eighth Engineering Test Satellite atop the 174-foot tall H-2A rocket at 0632 GMT (1:32 a.m. EST) Devember 18. 2006, from the Yoshinobu launch complex at the ... [View]

Harding Flying Bison Launch (2007-04-30)
Harding's rocket team, the "Flying Bison," launch their rocket for NASA's University Student Launch Initiative Competition. The rocket is 4" in diameter, ~10 feet tall, and flies on a K555 Contrail ... [View]

High Power Rocket Fail (2011-01-10)
A teen attempts his Junior Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certification on a Loc IV with a H-123-W motor to 2,000 feet at Snow Ranch, California on 1/8/11. The nose cone and parachute separated from ... [View]

High Power Rocket flown in Nevada 2 (2006-12-29)
This is a High Power Rocket (Hy-Po) flown in Nevada. It was flown at Aero-Pac's XPRS in '05. [View]

High Power Rocket flown in Nevada 4 (2007-01-02)
This is a high power rocket flown in Nevada. This was at Aero-Pac's Aeronaut '05 using an EX motor. [View]

High Power Rocket in power lines (2006-12-29)
This is Hy-Po's flight at Dairy Aire '05. It landed in power lines. [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (2008-04-23)
This is my friend Bill's 11' tall, 58lb rocket flying on a white "M" motor to 5000' at a top speed of about 650mph. It recovered safely on a 17' parachute a short distance away from the launch pad. ... [View]

High power rocket launch at NEFAR #1 (2007-10-22)
This is my sky serpant on a J365 smokey motor. It flew about 2000' with drouge at opagee. The main never deployed because I only used one sheer pin. The result was the cone getting snagged in the ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch near Pueblo Colorado (2011-04-05)
Two High Power Rocket Flights that reached altitudes of approximately 2000 feet. Video was recorded by on board cameras mounted to the rockets. [View]

High Power Rocket Onboard Video of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device (2010-07-18)
Monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 4 contained homemade main chute deployment device (see my newsletter article at Apogee Components) which allows for a single deploy rocket to ... [View]

High Power Rocket w/ Onboard Video Lands in Fresh Cow Poo!! (2010-06-20)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn cattle ranch in Plant City, FL. Rocket was powered by an Aerotech H180-10 motor and contained an Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. Rocket achieved an ... [View]

High Power Rocket. On Board Video from Southern Thunder 2009 (2009-06-28)
My rocket "Research 3" flying at Southern Thunder on a K800 Blue Baboon to 6,200' [View]

High Power Rocketry TTRA Plant City Florida (2011-07-25)
Season 2 EP 4 We Visited TTRA in Plant City FL and we found a place to shoot rockets in a cow pasture. Amazing. 100 points if your rocket lands in a cow turd. [View]

This is a model rocket that I designed and built for my college physics class. It is made entirely of common materials not manufactured for model rocketry. It is powered by an Aerotech G-79 motor ... [View]

How to make the Estes Amazon Model Rocket (2008-01-30)
A look at the Plastic model rocket by Estes called the "Amazon". It's an easy to make rocket that is 36 inches tall and comes in the Tandem X Kit. [View]

Hron: Legacy Model Rocket Launch - Onboard Camera (2011-04-02)
April 2, 2011 Bratislava - Vajnory launch Engine - Estes C-63 Flight - Nominal [View]


Large Scale Model Saturn V Screams off the Pad! (2018-11-06)
Over 22,000 Ns powers this 200 lb Saturn V at Midwest Power 16 in Princeton, IL. The Saturn V makes it's 5th flight, this time on an AeroTech M1850W and 4 AeroTech L850W. That's a lot of White ... [View]

LDRS 29 - Bill's White Knight Hybrid Launch (2010-06-13)
This video shows Bill's (from San Diego) successful White Knight hybrid launch. Miss Vicki can be seen near the rocket just prior to launch after carefully monitoring the nitrous fill step. Congrats ... [View]

LDRS 29 - Tripoli San Diego hosted drag race (2010-06-13)
The drag race held at LDRS 29 at the Lucerne Dry Lake bed, although not entirely successful, was a crowd pleaser. [View]

LDRS 29: Battlestar Galactica Launch (2010-06-16)
LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 29: Battlestar Galactica Launch [View]

LDRS Mass 29 Squat Launch (2010-07-13)
LDRS Mass 29 Squat Launch, Lucerne Valley CA. [View]

Level 3 Cert Launch (2007-10-05)
High-power rocketry Level 3 certification. I built this rocket in about 2 months. It's powered by a Loki M1882. It went closer to 7000' than the 9000' I was hoping for, but what can you do. [View]

LUNAR rocket launch Feb 21, 2009 (2009-02-23)
A video of my first model rocket launch. The rocket is a Madcow Momba with a F42 motor. The launch is at Moffett Field at Nasa Ames. [View]


Model Rocket Collection #5: Estes 220 SWIFT (2010-01-18)
Slideshow of the Estes 220 SWIFT. VERY SMALL model rocket. It takes a smaller size of an engine than average size rockets. Very easy to build. Don\'t forget t... [View]

Model Rocket Launch from R/C Boat -- crashes and burns (2007-08-03)
This scratchbuilt recoverable rocket fires from the deck of the 40-inch RC destroyer "702" -- and has a problem. Rocket almost crashes into cameraman, who catches a few frames of the engine smoking ... [View]

Model rocket onboard video June 20, 2009 (2009-06-30)
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" scratch-built rocket with G78-4 motor. Separate parachutes for Aiptek HD-1 camcorder and rocket sections. Rocket ... [View]

Model Rocketry Gone Bad! (2010-08-01)
me and my dad launch a model rocket and it explodes [View]

Model Rocketry Training (2007-02-09)
Ths video describes the model rocketry lesson plan and safety requirements for launch. [View]

Model Rockets Fail (2009-07-29)
A series of small model rockets that didn't always go as planned. A few of the rockets are "Solar Flare" the gold rocket, "Teal Torpedo" the tall black rocket with teal writing, and others that ... [View]

Model rockets rock. (2008-05-15)
One of my first launches after getting back into model rocketry after 20 years. Grandma, Grandpa and 3 year-old Charlie provide the launch countdown. [View]

My Tripoli level 2 certification flight! (2009-06-14)
Tripoli North Branch MN 6/13/09 launch. Performance Rocketry G3 Perfectflite HiAlt45K AMW/PRO-X J745 Wild Wolf Rocketman 6' chute Altitude 5909' Perfect flight, perfect recovery! That cheesy smile ... [View]

NCR rocketry (2010-06-02)
Awsome rockets also an O motor!!!!!!! [View]

NSL 03 Rocket launch mess (2007-01-21)
There are a lot of ways for rockets to fail, here's another. The dreaded blown forward closure. It pretty much fries the inside of the rocket [View]

NSL 2008 Saturday Day (2008-05-27)
Video from the National Sport Launch 2008 Saturday, 24/May/2008 put on by the National Association of Rocketry [View]

On-board rocket video (2011-04-04)
Flight to 19800', dual recording altimeters with GPS tracking. 4" 4 grain APCP motor. [View]

Onboard Rocket Cam (2007-06-07)
Video taken from a model rocket with onboard colour camera transmitting image back to base station via 2.4Ghz wireless. [View]

Onboard video of the Discovery Rocket on an F40-7W (2011-05-01)
An onboard video of my Madcow Discovery on an Aerotech F40 reload. The timestamp says 2008, it is actually from April 2011. It flew at CMASS to about 1000 feet, with a max speed of over 200 miles ... [View]

Orbital sciences Taurus XL Launches NASA's Glory (2011-03-04)
The Rights to the Music/Songs use in this video belong to their Respected Owners. NASA's Glory spacecraft aboard an Orbital Sciences Taurus XL rocket. Glory March 4, 2011 - Early Friday Morning ... [View]

Panda - High Power Rocket Launch (2008-05-04)
My second launch of the day and its good enough for a level 1 certification (Tripoli). The motor is an H144. [View]

Pink Floyd Dark Side Rocket (2006-08-27)
Discussing the Estes rocket catalog, Polecat Aerospace, and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon pyramid rocket [View]

Polecat Skeeter at ROCStock 24 (2006-11-13)
A beautiful flight of my Polecat Aerospace Skeeter on a CTI I350SS at ROCStock 26, November 2006 [View]

RC-Plane with rocket boost (2007-08-04)
Cheep RC plane modified with an hobby rocket motor [View]

RCS thruster rocket motor. (2011-03-02)
My first rocket motor for RCS. Based on Masten Space Systems' igniter. Compare to original igniter [View]

Red Glare XI C-Star (2011-11-26)
Rocket with CTI C-Star motor [View]

Ride the Rocket - Looking Up! (2011-05-01)
Don't forget to "duck" when the first chute is deployed! I just found this misplaced spy cam 7 months after it's launch. The cam is looking up the 9 foot Coca-Cola rocket. The twin cam looking down, ... [View]

Rocket camera #1 (2010-06-16)
Sorry that the audio is crapped up. I couldn't get other videos due to Polecat V2 crash (straight up, straight down, lake pancake XD). This is from modified Estes Executioner on an Aerotech ... [View]

rocket drag race (2009-12-06)
this is what it looks like when 18 rockets launch at the same time (I was so close that i couldn't tape the whole scene so only 7 are in the video) [View]

Rocket HPR Certificación Tripoli L1 (2011-05-11)
Es un pequeño montaje fotográfico de mi certificación tripoli de nivel L1 . El cohete es un D-Region Tomahawk de Public Missiles y la recarga utilizada es ... [View]

Rocket Launch Explosion (2006-04-05)
The failed launch of my first high-power rocket. After the launch, I found out that the o-rings in motor burned through, and hot gasses shot up through my rocket. This not only set fire to the lower ... [View]

Rocket Launch with Onboard Camera (2011-04-24)
Camera: Mini DV MD80 Rocket: Estes Spin Control Engine: C6-3 [View]

Rocket powered time machine (2011-10-04)
A link to my brothers rocket video. Taped 14 years ago, when we didn't have worries of a mortgage or kids. [View]

Rocket Very Loud, Very Fast (2007-02-18)
Rocket Powered by nitrous and plastic rat works motor. [View]

Rocket with onboard keychain camera (2011-04-29)
A little camera, a little velcro and a B engine. Blastoff!! [View]

rockets 1 (2007-11-20)
vids of rockets that i have built [View]

Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 (2011-11-06)
Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 Belonging to TonyPV. [View]

Semroc Aero-Dart Econojet F23-7FJ SU (2006-11-06)
Semroc Aero-Dart launched on an Aerotech F23-7FJ single use motor. [View]

Semroc Tau Zero (2009-12-06)
Textbook flight of the Semroc Tau Zero on an Estes B6 motor. Recovery via parachute [View]

Separation of solid rocket boosters using exploding bolts on HPR (2010-12-12)
Demonstration of using 'explosive bolts' for the separation of solid rocket boosters (SRB) by Richard Dierking on high power rockets at the December 2010 monthly meeting of the Rocketry Organization ... [View]

Shazam III 3 Stage High Power Rocket (2006-12-18)
This 3 stage rocket flew perfectly. J570 to J350 to I161. Two onboard computers - Adept ES236 stager and Adept DDCS2 dual deployment performed great. My compliments to Tom Monteymayor who's "Three's ... [View]

Space Camp Barbie Unveiled at the US Space & Rocket Center (2008-08-01)
Announcing the release of 2008 Space Camp® Barbie® available now at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Space Camp uses space to excite and educate children in the fields of math science and ... [View]

Space Race of Model Rocketry (2008-05-29)
Just something put together before launching the Saturn and Gemini rockets. [View]

Squat Drag Race @ LDRS-29 (2010-06-15)
LDRS-29 Squat Mass Launch (First Launch) - 240fps - first take off is at 23 seconds. LDRS-29 June 10th, 2010 through June 14, 2010. This video from June 13th, 2010 at 08h00PT. Lucerne Valley ... [View]

staggered cluster rocket launch (2007-11-28)
this is a rocket launch video from the ICBM launch. The video is from and th NEFAR site. The rocket has a centered M motor surrounded by 4 I motors. The I motors were meant to go off ... [View]

Static Rocket engine Fails! big Explosion (2010-06-02)
Static Rocket engine Fails! big Explosion [View]

Steve Eve's Saturn V Launch (2009-04-25)
History being made on 25 April, 2009, in Price MD! 36-foot (1/10th scale) Saturn V model rocket... ~8600 lbs of thrust ALL at ONCE, baby! The MDRA did an outstanding job supporting the event where ... [View]

Tom L370 cato (2012-12-04)
Very short flight and destruction of my 54 mm saucer. The single use motor blew off the rear end. The nozzle and the casing rear had the tape thrust ring intact. [View]

Tripoli rocket launch at X Prize Cup (2006-10-20)
Launch of a Tripoli amateur high-powered rocket at the X Prize Cup on October 19, 2006 [View]

Two Stage Model Rocket with Camera (2011-03-17)
This is the maiden flight of our 2 stage rocket with on board video camera. David designed the rocket and verified it with a Fortran program he wrote for his Aerospace Engineering 160 class at ISU. ... [View]

Two Stage Rocket on Booster Vision (2006-12-30)
Clayton has a two stage rocket spin like a dryer on the first stage and then spin the other way on the second stage. Very good sound and great staging video. [View]

Univeristy of Minnesota Rocket Club's Mach 1 rocket (2009-05-11)
U of M's rocket flying on a AMW J500 Green Gorilla. Projected performance, mach 1 and 8000'. [View]

Unreasonable Rocket - The Right Stuff (2008-09-29)
When you have a high speed camera and you work with rockets, the temptation to do the cliched "The Right Stuff" clip is just too strong. Paul A Breed, Paul T Breed, and a friend. Video taken using ... [View]

Upscale Der Red Max (2008-04-27)
Did a upscale of the Estes Der Red Max 1.59. Good flight tore two of parachute lines lose no damage to the rocket. [View]

Water Rocket 1of 2 (2006-08-16)
New Design Firm Launcher and Stable Long Flying Distance " Water Rocket". [View]

Water rocket underwater launches (2007-02-04)
Air Command Water Rockets tests launching water rockets from under water. [View]