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2007-12-26 - Semroc Saturn 1B 4xE9 Landing (2008-01-01)
Recovery of Semroc Saturn 1B launched on 4 Estes E9 motors. [View]

6 inch Flying Saucer (2008-05-01)
Art Applewhite Rockets 6 inch Original Flying Saucer with an Aerotech D13W motor. [View]

Always Ready Rocketry Blue Phenix (2010-05-28)
ARR Blue Phenix 2.0 on Aerotech I285R, altitude 1800 ft. Dual Deploy at 400 ft. In Leonard, Oklahoma. [View]

B6-4 rocket engine test (2008-03-25)
I wanted to see what the thrust of a model rocket *felt* like. So I tried this out. Fun! [View]

Booger! (2009-09-14)
Tripoli North Branch 9/12/09 launch. Booger is a Blue Tube rocket I built from spare parts and remains of crashed rockets from over the years. The fins came from a PML Quasar, Giantleap and PML ... [View]

Box-o-parts Contest Rocket by Hotrod Lincoln (2008-07-06)
Box-o-parts Contest Rocket by Hotrod Lincoln. You get a random box of leftover parts and must build a rocket. Great fun! This is my entry. Launched on a cluster of Three C11-3s and Three A10-PTs. ... [View]

C6-5 Rocket Launch With a Minifigure!!! World First!!! (2011-12-24)
I know its not a world first but its cool soon im going put a camra on board [View]

Dave Landry's Level 1 certification (2008-08-11)
Dave Landry's Level 1 certification with an Art Applewhite Rockets' 12 inch Original Flying Saucer on an Aerotech H73 motor. [View]

Enter the exciting world of Estes Rockets (2012-09-05)
Estes model rocket kits come in all sizes, shapes, colors and skill levels. You can be out at the launch pad in minutes with Ready to Fly (RTF) rockets or spend many enjoyable hours building and ... [View]

fun with model rockets. model rocket funny fails and successful launches. (2018-04-29)
this video was taken yesterday. dis cool dude (me) had some fun launching model rockets. 2 acquired from hobby lobby, and one picked from the garbage and repaired. the engines used were A3-4T (for ... [View]

High Power Rocket whistles on a Black-Jack Motor (2010-07-21)
This rocket whistled through the sky during Mile High Mayhem in Northern Colorado. - NCRocketry - A Crews Control Production [View]

Kyosho blizzard; R/C model rocket launcher (2007-01-09)
this is a R/C model rocket launcher at the lucerne dry lake area, [View]

LDRS 30 Mongoose M745 (2012-01-02)
Gorilla Motors M745- 16000' apogee. September 2, 2011 at LDRS 30 in Argonia, KS. Video by ROCKETS Magazine. [View]

LED Finger Light test for night rocket (2008-07-14)
Taped an LED finger Light to shine up inside of an unpainted Estes BT-60 Nose Cone. The video shows how brightly the flashing light makes the nose cone light up. For a real rocket flight, the light ... [View]

Loc IV on an I300 (2009-10-26)
A LOC IV on an I300 Blue Thunder Aerotech motor [View]

model rocket launch gone wrong (2008-06-05)
Half way into the flight it starts spinning. [View]

Outlandish Rocket Launch Video (2008-07-14)
Launch video for BOP contest.  See [View]

Phoenix-98 Onboard Rocket Telemetry (2011-02-26)
Onboard Rocket Telemetry 70cm band. [View]

Polecat Aerospace JR. Thumper 5.5" Aerotech K695 Redline (2011-12-12)
Used a perfectflite Stratologger for deployment. Very easy to use in comparison to a G-wiz LCX. The ematch for the main chute showed no continuity owhen I powered the altimeter up on the pad. The ... [View]

Quest Aerospace Micro Maxx Engines at work (and Play) (2009-07-02)
Launching a Micro Maxx Engine in a 3" styrofoam ball with three pieces of a drinking straw holding the ball just above the ground. The Webelos Scouts were launching Prirate Victory Flares. The Quest ... [View]

Rick's LDRS 23 Rocket shred (2006-11-23)
Rick's chinese Long March did what chinese Long Marches's why we love from wally world ;-) [View]

Rocket CATO (2011-06-27)
rocket cato with onboard camera [View]

Saddest rocket video ever - Back in Black MDRA Red Glare XI (2011-12-22)
This will serve as a cautionary tale. Always check the size of the memory card inserted into your rocket's camera when prepping for flight. You might find yourself in the situation where your video ... [View]

Saturn V launch -- largest model rocket in the world (2009-04-27)
This is a 1/10th scale, 36 foot tall Saturn V model rocket. It was launched on April 25, 2009 in Price, MD. [View]

Spaceship Design Contest Flight (2006-10-21)
This is the flight of my entry for the Rocket Design contest at I call the rocket the USS Moebius! [View]

Static test of an 'H' class reload (2010-07-16)
Static test of an 'H' class reload in an AeroTech RMS-29/40-120 model rocket motor casing. [View]

Tripoli Minnesota 7/12/08 - Only High Powered Rocket Launches (2008-08-16)
Tripoli MN Model Rocket Club launches rockets the 2nd Saturday of each month. Check out for more information. [View]

TTRA Rockets 10-18-08 (2008-10-24)
Recorded on October 23, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder. [View]

Tucher3 (2006-04-15)
In Memory. EDIT: Tucher3 was recovered 4/18/06 fully intact. Flight data recorded 8900 feet max altitude. [View]

Wart-Hog Launch (2007-08-18)
Launch of an Aerotech Wart-Hog at the AARG lauch site at Hutto, Texas on August 18, 2007. [View]

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