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CSXT First Civilian Rocket Launch to Space (2007-05-15)
Launched to 379,900 feet (72 miles) on May 17, 2004 by the Civilian Space Exploration Team led by Ky Michaelson and Jerry Larson, and sponsored by GoFast Sports. The rocket was powered by a solid ... [View]
X-104 Morganza Project (2011-06-20)
Tripoli High Power Rocket. H motor class altitude record attempt. [View]
First all-student rocket to reach space | Traveler IV Launch (2019-05-22)
On April 21, 2019, we, the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, launched our latest space-shot rocket, Traveler IV, out of Spaceport America. Traveler IV reached an apogee of 339,800 ft with a confidence of ... [View]
Launching 5,000 Model Rockets To Break World Record (2019-07-16)
The U.S. Space & Rocket Center honored the Rocket City engineers, scientists, and technicians who made the legendary July 16, 1969 launch possible. On Tuesday morning, the U.S. Space & ... [View]
Meet the First College Students to Launch a Rocket Into Space | WIRED (2019-05-31)
A team from the University of Southern California's Rocket Propulsion Laboratory became the first student team to launch a rocket into space. WIRED's Arielle Pardes spoke with Neil Tewksbury, the ... [View]
Mercury Redstone 3/4-Scale Model Rocket Launch (2018-04-27)
Do you like nerdy things like model rockets? Do you want to witness a world record attempt? Do you just want to see some intense fire? The Redstone team will be launching the 3/4 scale Mercury ... [View]
Model rockets launched to mark Apollo 11 anniversary (2019-07-17)
Thousands of model rockets launched in Huntsville, Alabama on Tuesday, 50 years after the Apollo 11 crew blasted off for the Moon.… Let the pictures do the talking | subscribe to No Comment ... [View]
New High Power Rocket Altitude Record - Vanish 38 with a CTI I216 (2019-05-26)
Flown at Tripoli Vegas' Delamar Dry Lake launch on May 25, 2019. GPS maximum height was 15,159 feet. [View]
Record launch of 5,000 Estes rockets at US Space & Rocket Center | AFP (2019-07-16)
5,000 model rockets blast off in an attempt at a Guinness world record for the most rockets launched at once. The record attempt at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is part of ... [View]
Vanish 29 at Delamar - New I-motor High Power Rocket Record Flight (2018-06-05)
Here's my flight of my Vanish 29 at the 2018 Tripoli Vegas launch at Delamar Dry Lake, NV. It's a custom rocket flown on a CTI I224. Peak altitude was 14,762 feet with a top speed of Mach 2. The ... [View]
Vanish 29 high power rocket at Jean, NV on a CTI I224 - 14,038 ft (2017-09-17)
Here's the second flight of my Vanish 29 and the first on my new tower. Same motor as the last fight, a Cesaroni I224. This was another Tripoli I-motor record attempt, but it didn't beat my last ... [View]
Volunteers nearly finished building 5,000 model rockets (2019-07-03)
In two weeks, families are invited out to watch a world record attempt in Huntsville. Workers at the Space and Rocket Center will launch 5,000 rockets simultaneously on July 16th. Volunteers from ... [View]
We built a giant rocket glider! (2018-11-26)
Fliplock F established a new NAR F rocket glider national record of 75 seconds on 24 November 2018 at GRITS 2018. It weighs 22 oz at liftoff and flies on Estes F15-4 motors. [View]