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Aboard the Triskelion On Flight 7.wmv (2011-05-29)

Third flight of my FlisKits Triskelion with a key fob-style video camera taped to the forward end of the body tube looking downward. Flown at the Boeing Employees' Model Rocket Club's December monthly launch. Power is an Estes C6-5.

Semroc Vega Flight (2011-05-29)

The Semroc Vega with the "808 car keys" camera taped to the body tube flies again in Chilliwack BC at the Fairfield RC Flyer's field (otherwise known as Ron's back yard). Estes C6-3, and an Apogee AltimeterOne aboard. May 31st, 2010

Vega at Missile Mayhem 2010 (flight 17) (2011-05-29)

Video (via an "808 car keys camera") aboard my Semroc Vega. Launched on Sunday of the Blue Mountain Rocketeers' "Missile Mayhem 2010". Flight on Sunday May 16th. Aerotech single use 18mm D motor.

Video from Estes Hijinks - flight number two (2011-12-11)

My second flight of an eBay "gum cam" on a modified Estes HiJinks ready-to-fly model rocket. The engine is an Estes B6-4. Flight is from the south end of the Boeing facility in Kent, WA at the Boeing Employees' Model Rocket Club's November monthly club launch.

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