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By RecordersRocketsBEC

Aboard the Triskelion On Flight 7.wmv (2009-12-14)
Third flight of my FlisKits Triskelion with a key fob-style video camera taped to the forward end of the body tube looking downward. Flown at the Boeing Employees' Model Rocket Club's December ... [View]

Astrocam flight 10 - Q-Jet C12-6 (2020-08-10)
Tenth flight on my new Estes Astrocam. Flown August 7th at Sixty Acres North park in Redmond. Power supplied by an Aerotech Q-Jet C12-6. Data acquired by a FlightSketch Mini altimeter. Altimeter ... [View]

Astrocam flight 11 - Estes C5-3 (2020-08-10)
Eleventh flight of my new Estes Astrocam. Powered this time by a new Estes C5-3. Quick acceleration, but delay is too short for this model. Data acquired via FlightSketch Mini altimeter. Data are ... [View]

Astrocam flight 17 - Estes B6-4 (2020-10-18)
October 17, 2020 at Pacfic Raceways Lot B. Estes B6-4. It came almost right back to us. Sorry, no altimeter data this time. [View]

Astrocam flight 2 - trimmed and with gauges (2020-08-02)
Updated version with better speed and added Gs data here: Trimmed version of prior video of the second flight of my new Estes Astrocam. Also added altitude and speed ... [View]

Astrocam Flight 2 on B6-4 - July 30, 2020 (2020-07-31)
New Estes Astrocam flown at Sixty Acres Park in Redmond, WA on July 30, 2020. (date stamp on video is incorrect). Model is stock and flown on an Estes B6-4. FlightSketch Mini aboard for altitude ... [View]

Astrocam flight 2 updated - speed gauge revised, Gs added (2020-08-04)
Second flight of my new Estes Astrocam at Sixty Acres Park, Redmond, Washington on July 30th (datestamp on video is incorrect). Estes B6-4 motor. Data via FlightSketch Mini altimeter. Flight data ... [View]

Astrocam flight 9 - Estes C6-5 (2020-08-11)
Ninth flight on my Astrocam. Powered by an Estes C6-5. This flight went pretty much all as it should. Flown at Sixty Acres Park, Redmond, WA from the north field on August 7th, 2020. Data for ... [View]

Semroc Vega Flight (2010-06-07)
The Semroc Vega with the "808 car keys" camera taped to the body tube flies again in Chilliwack BC at the Fairfield RC Flyer's field (otherwise known as Ron's back yard). Estes C6-3, and an Apogee ... [View]

Vega at Missile Mayhem 2010 (flight 17) (2010-06-07)
Video (via an "808 car keys camera") aboard my Semroc Vega. Launched on Sunday of the Blue Mountain Rocketeers' "Missile Mayhem 2010". Flight on Sunday May 16th. Aerotech single use 18mm D motor. [View]

Video from Estes Hijinks - flight number two (2009-11-16)
My second flight of an eBay "gum cam" on a modified Estes HiJinks ready-to-fly model rocket. The engine is an Estes B6-4. Flight is from the south end of the Boeing facility in Kent, WA at the ... [View]

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