Estes - Recruiter Kit

Decals: Waterslide
Diameter: 1.64 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Length: 25.00 inches
Main Body Tube: BT-60
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2013
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Plastic
Original Price: $9.99
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Recommended Motors: B4-4, B6-4, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: Military
Weight: 2.58 ounces

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  • Estes - Recruiter {Kit} (2013) By Graeme Cooke (April 15, 2018)

    Single stage scale-like B or C powered rocket. Components Interesting Nosecone and expansion coupler.  Has a faux rocket nozzle.  I think the nosecone and coupler are the same as what the Estes "Beta" kit has. /h2 I built this when I was about 10 back in the '80s.  Followed the instructions and it's still flying today. Finishing Well, I was ...

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