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Red Giant

By James nightengale

MPC/Round 2 - Red Giant {Kit}

I'd first like to say I'm not sure who the manufacturer is of this model. So, if someone knows please feel free to enlighten me. This model flies on a C6-5 motor. It has an 18" parachute which I have to cut out and assemble (first time for me). It is 29" in length and weighs 3.12 oz. without motor.


Hans "Chris" Michielssen (December 20, 2016)

This MPC Red Giant was manufactured in China by Sky Model Rockets.

You can see many Skykits in the original Chinese design motifs at 

I did a build of this one on my blog at

The Red giant also flies well with B6-2 and C6-5 engines. With a C6-5 it did get to 425' when a C6-5 and altimeter was used.

 I don't know why the box says only 230'.

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Step one (2016-12-19 19:56:47)

In this step I took everything out and looked at it to make sure nothing was broken or missing.

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Step 2 (2016-12-19 20:08:22)

In this step you glue the fin can to the lower body tube, first test fit it to see if it is too tight. If it is too tight than take some sand paper and sand it till it fits the way you want it too. After I test fitted it I mixed up some epoxy and put it on the inside of the body tube that way when you put it together you don't have epoxy ozzing out of the sides. I than have it a turn to get the epoxy spread eveningly around.

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Step 3 (2016-12-19 20:34:18)

In this step you glue the 2 body tubes together. I first started by glueing the tube collector to the top tube and than I glued the other side of the collector to the bottom tube. I used 5 minute epoxy to do this.

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Step 4 (2016-12-19 21:56:55)

In this step you glue the fins on and then you glue the launch lugs on. The fins are simple to glue on because they have slots for the to go. The bottom launch lugs will get glued on 6 3/8" from the bottom of the engine cap, the top launch lugs will get glued 4 3/8" from the bottom of the bottom launch lug.

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Step 5 (2016-12-20 00:21:10)

In this step you cut out the parachute, and attach the shroud lines. They give you sticker tabs to tape the shroud lines to the parachute and they show go from corner to corner and the middle shroud line will go from one corner across to the other corner.

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