By Danny Almond



I received this 1/45 scale Little Joe II kit from a friend in pieces. It looked very sad at first glance, but I knew this bird still had some life in her. I drew on my skill and experience to breathe new life into this forgotten rocket.

One fin was missing from the rocket. I just made a template from one of the other fins and set about the construction of a new fin. I laminated several pieces of balsa wood together to get the proper thickness after I cut them out using the template I made. Once the glue dried, I shaped and sanded the fin to match the others.

The Escape tower was put together poorly and came apart easily so that I can refinish the tower and put it back together with some stronger glue. The same was true for the Escape Tower Motor. I can also paint the ends without taping the them.


The kit was missing only the 3 engine mount tubes, easy to replace. The display nozzles were terribly beat up, but thanks to a friend that donated them, I will build a new set of them from an Original kit.


Up Next...

Step by Step process that I used to refurbishing this Little Joe II capsule and escape tower.

Pay attention now, cause I'm only gonna say this once.... Ha.


I added toothpicks to 2 holes not filled with broken plastic to keep out paint. I Can scrape the paint off the other two when it's time to reassemble the tower. This 1/2" Dowell I had laying around was perfect for a holder to paint with.


Pin stripping tape is your front line defense for taping curves masking tape won't do.


Then comes the Masking Tape. Next cover entire capsule in a wrap or a bag.  Paint top/tower. 

I always bend back a Tab on the Tape for easy removal.


Here I just used paper.  Time to paint .


Painted. Now it's a waiting game.



Looks like the paint job turned out pretty good. This tower looks brand new! 

Starting on the display nozzles now. Nothing like good old clothes pins to get them to stick at the seam.


Good, old Fashion hand painting is the only way to detail the insides of the nozzles, before assembly.  Outsides of Nozzles will get same when assembled. 


Scale data shows the skirts were black. I added the Orange. Nozzles will be White on the outside, as too, per scale data.

I used a piece of BT 20 to paint the nozzles on. 


 Be back soon...


--- I am DannyMrMissile !