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Published: 2015-07-09
Manufacturer: Aerospace Specialty Products


This is an 18mm parachute duration kit that you can use in competitions.


It has balsa nose cone and fins, kevlar shock cord, and a paper tube for the air frame.  They keep the components as minimal as possible to keep the weight to a minimum to maximize your duration pleasure!


No real pros or cons, just a great kit to start out with in parachute duration.


Did not finish the kit to keep the weight minimal.

Construction Score: 5


I flew it the first time on 19APR2015.  Liftoff and coast were great on an A8-3.  The parachute partially deployed.  I tried a second flight and the parachute did not deploy due to the Kevlar shock cord wrapping around the parachute.  I have never seen this happen before on any rocket I have flown.  The ejection charge put a small burn hole in the parachute due to not enough ejection wadding being put in it.  Both times the rocket was recovered without damage.  Will try it again in the future.


Rocket flew great.  No real pros or cons.  Parachute duration models take practice to fly correctly.

Flight Rating: 5


I highly recommend this rocket to all who want to try out parachute duration.

Overall Rating: 5

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