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Published: 2012-11-08
Diameter: 0.98 inches
Length: 18.00 inches
Manufacturer: Rocketarium
Skill Level: 2
Style: Odd-Roc


This is a skill level 2 kit from Rocketarium. The unusual fins are shaped like a witch riding her broom. The other unique item of interest is this kit does not have a traditional nose cone.


Parts List:

  • 15.25” BT 50 body tube
  • 2.75” BT 50 body tube
  • BT-50 coupler
  • 2.75” 18mm motor tube
  • 18mm motor block
  • centering rings
  • motor hook
  • 18” long 1/8” width elastic
  • 15” parachute with lines
  • pre-cut witch-shaped fins
  • bulkheads – one to fit the body tube and one to fit the coupler
  • screw-eye
  • shock cord mount
  • fin alignment guide
  • instruction sheet


The first step is to make a notch in the motor mount tube to place the upper end of the motor hook which is held in place with 2-3 wraps of masking tape. Next is to glue in the motor block and add the centering rings.

While the motor mountassembly is drying, I skipped ahead and glued the coupler into the shorter body tube then added the bulkheads as per the instructions. The screw eye was mounted in place on the coupler end bulkhead. This assembly was left to dry.

 Up next is to mark the main body tube for fin and lug placement using the supplied tube marking guide. After the marking was completed, the mmt assembly is then glued into the bottom end of the main tube and allowed to dry.

 The fins and lug were then glued into place and allowed to dry. Fillets were added and the rocket was left to completely dry.

The parachute was then cut out – it comes as one piece that can be made into a 9”, 12” or 15” canopy. The instructions suggest using the 12” size, but I opted to go with the 15” size. The supplied string was cut into three equal parts and tied to the indicated points on the plastic.


I applied a coat of sanding sealer to the fins and the nosecone bulkhead to seal the wood. I opted to finish the rocket by painting it all orange then masking and painting the witch fins black. I then added the rocket name and a black cat using a black Sharpie marker. Clear coat was lightly applied to protect the finish.

Construction Score: 5


A first flight on a B6-4 resulted in a straight up boost. The parachute decided to not unfurl until the rocket was about 50’ off the ground. Upon recovery, I noticed the shroud lines had tangled around a fin; there was no damage.

Second flight was on a C6-3 for another straight up boost. The chute opened at apogee for a nice soft landing – in a corn field. Recovered with no damage.


Other than the chute lines tangling in the fins on the first flight, recovery on both flights was gentle.

Flight Rating: 5


A nice, easy straighforward build for a unique design.

Overall Rating: 5

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