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Published: 2015-02-02
Diameter: 2.60 inches
Length: 43.50 inches
Manufacturer: I Build Rockets
Style: Sport


The Orbital Decay is the perfect rocket to earn your level one certification. It's straightforward and uncomplicated to build and fantastic to fly. 


Sascha from I Build Rockets has a lot of thought into pitting his kits together. An experienced flier and model maker in his own right, he's crafted a kit that those just getting into the hobby can build and fly without any frustration. Opening the kit there is:

  • Three laser cut plywood fins
  • BT-80 Body tube
  • 29mm motor mount tube- heavy cardboard
  • Two laser-cut motor mounts
  • Shock cord (paracord)
  • Eyebolt
  • plastic nosecone
  • 18-inch nylon parachute
  • launch lugs
  • Cable ties and shrink wrap

Everything was top quality,well packed and arrived intact.

The only thing that isn't included in the kit is a motor retainer, but thats no different to most kits on the market.


The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. If you've had some low power kit building experience, then putting this kit together should not be a problem. With all of the components being laser cut, there was no problem in everything fitting together.


I usually fly my rockets without paint until they fly successfully. Finishing and painting this rocket has not been a problem. There is a decal that's included that's a snap to put on.

Construction Score: 5



This rocket is tough! Just after lift off of the first flight of this rocket on an there was a motor cato and the body tube suffered from a bit of zippering. With the bottom section of the rocket still intact, I was able to repair the rocket with a coupler and a new section of body tube.  The next flight on an 163H133-14A (BS) was spectacular. the boost was nice and straight and very steady.  


I'd probably recommend flying this on a slower burning motor, definitely an H or a higher powered G. The blue streak is very quick and the rocket just disappeared off the pad!

Flight Rating: 5



Overall Rating: 5

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