Scratch - Ballistic Chicken {Scratch} Original Design / Scratch Built

Contributed by Sascha Grant

Manufacturer: Scratch

I guess this is your run-of-the-mill 3 fin and a beak parachute recovered rocket.

(Scratch) Ballistic Chicken(Scratch) Ballistic Chicken

1 x 18" BT-50 body tube, 18mm motor mount, engine hook, 3 balsa fins, and head "beak cone".

This is a straight forward build, however, due to the size of the chicken's neck, the launch lug is mounted about 1/4" out from the body.

(Scratch) Ballistic Chicken

Flight and Recovery:
The Ballistic Chicken was flown on a B6-4. Nice straight boost to a couple of hundred feet. Three squares of recovery wadding was used to protect the 12" mylar chute. Descent was about right, and there was no damage upon recovery.

I had a ball building this. When I spotted the chicken novelty candy packet I thought 'rocket'. The paint job is a custom blended orange/yellow in an attempt to match the beak color. The fins were cut and painted to look a little like wings. It has a custom decal applied to the side, and the whole rocket was coated with a clear gloss finish.

PROs : It's a chicken rocket! No one else has one :)

CONs : The candy that came with the chicken was horrible :(


Lester Anderson (September 6, 2011)

Love the Pro's man. glad to see your having fun with this hobby.

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