Diameter: 1.64 inches
Length: 79.00 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Skill Level: 2
Style: Sport
(Contributed - by Jim Zamecnik)

Modified for use with the PerfectFlite microAlt 4600 dual deployment altimeter. Added a 6" long altimeter bay and a 12" long forward main chute bay to the lower half of the Mean Machine. (new section made from recycled tubes and couplers from a SuperNova Payloader)

The lower half is a stock Mean Machine (a bit shorter due to a crash). Nose cone is also the standard Mean Machine cone. The altimeter bay is made from the 6" section of tube, bulkheads glued into couplers, couplers fasten to tube with nylon screws/nuts for access to altimeter. Screw eye and ejection charge terminals mounted to each bulkhead. Holes for altimeter sampling drilled in tube per altimeter instructions. the 12" tube becomes the forward chute bay, fastened to the top coupler with nylon screws/nuts for ejection charge access. (nylon nuts are epoxied inside couplers; lube threads first with RMS grease to keep epoxy from sticking).

Mean Machine - lower half (33.5"), and nose cone. From SuperNova Payloader kit: 6" and 12" sections of tube, coupler. other parts: 3" BT-60 coupler, two 0.25" plywood bulkheads, screw eyes, 0.25" shock cord, 6 nylon screws/nuts, misc. wire and connectors for altimeter hookup.

Loaded with the altimeter, battery, and chutes made the weight too much for Estes D12 motors. First flight was on an Aerotech E18-7 RMS, and it went perfectly. Dead-straight boost, 12" chute ejected at apogee (880' per the altimeter), 20" main chute deployed at 300', and recovery 100' from pad. I hope to fly it on an F24-7 motor at the 2/25 CATO launch; see my flight logs for future flights.

I sort of tossed this together as a quick way to try out my new altimeter. But it worked out pretty well, and it should be fun to fly dual deployment flights on small fields with. It seems to fly as straight and true as the stock Mean Machine did.

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