Aerotech - RMS 29/240 H210R {Motor}

Contributed by Aaron Stanley

Manufacturer: Aerotech

The Aerotech H210 Redline RMS reload is a great motor to use for one of those rockets after you certify level 1. It has nice long bright red flame and just pushes the rocket off the pad like a bullet out the gun. You got to keep your eye on your rocket when using this motor because it gets your rocket moving really fast.

RMS hardware parts:

  • 29mm aft closure
  • 29/240 case
  • 29mm standard or plugged forward closure
  • 29mm forward seal ring

Reload kit parts:

  • 1 nozzle
  • 1 liner
  • 4 propellant grains
  • 1 aft O-ring
  • 1 forward O-ring
  • 1 forward seal ring O-ring
  • 1 aft insulator
  • 1 ejection charge cap
  • 1 FirstFire igniter
  • 1 ejection charge container
  • 1 nozzle Cap
  • 1 RMS-Plus delay element
  • 1 delay insulator
  • 1 delay O-ring
  • 1 aft delay spacer
  • 1 forward delay spacer

Items needed for use:

  • Synco Super Lube or other grease
  • hobby knife or scissors
  • wet wipes or damp paper towels

This motor goes together in a straightforward manner. You start out by greasing all the parts that need to be greased. [WARNING: Do not get grease on either sides of the delay element!] The only problems I ran into while building the motor was trying to figure which ring is which. Other than that, the building of the motor went smoothly.

This motor is great to fly with. The only down side to this motor when flying with it is that its burn time is only about 1 second otherwise this is a great motor to fly with.

Ejection was right on time.

This motor rocks!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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