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2000-07-01ChariotChariotKitR. J. Talley
-Check-SixCheck-SixKitBart Hackemack
-Custom Design ServiceCustom Design ServiceKitFrank Ross
2000-12-23GrymmGrymmKitKevin Johnson
-GrymmGrymmKitKevin Johnson
1999-10-01Mach BusterMach BusterKitMoira Jean Whitlock
1998-09-01Mach BusterMach BusterKitDavid Urbanek
1998-09-27Mach BusterMach BusterKitGreg Dunham
1999-02-01Mach BusterMach BusterKitTerry Moore-Read
-QuadPodQuadPodKitDavid Urbanek
2001-06-02Six-PackSix-PackKitR. J. Talley
-Six-PackSix-PackKitR. J. Talley
1999-09-14Solar VentureSolar VentureKitNick Esselman
-Star-FireStar-FireKitR. J. Talley

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